The Fellsman 2019


It is the Saturday after the weekend before and i’m currently sat with my feet up and a glass of red wine.
Rewind to last Friday and it was a very different picture,I was sat in a school somewhere in Yorkshire eating a cheesy pasta bake and getting slightly nervous about the adventure ahead.

I am of course talking about the fellsman!

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I Just Want To Get Round

Spring Marathon season is almost upon us and one phrase I hear all the time is

I just want to get round

Now if I had a pound for everytime I heard this I could afford two tickets to the cinema AND a trip to the pick and mix aisle!

Now don’t get me wrong it’s perfectly fine to have this train of thought,it could be your first event,you could be coming back from injury or you could have had a few too many shandies the night before! But if you don’t have a goal time in mind how do you know what speed to set off?

Find a time and own it.

No idea what your marathon time should look like ? Double your most recent half marathon time plus ten minutes is a start point. Once you have worked out a time OWN it! So what if your mate is running three hours and you think you will take five It is YOUR race,embrace your current fitness level and don’t let ego ruin your day.

If your pace feels easy for the first ten miles or so……….good! speaking from experience it is no fun detonating during a marathon, it’s a long way back to the finish and if you have set off too fast it will bite you in the ass!

Embrace the crowds.

Embrace the day.

Most of all embrace your achievement,not everyone can do what you will achieve!


Enjoy the finish,there really isn’t anything better!!

Chester Ultra 2019 – DNF

Sometimes running isn’t all Sunshine and Unicorns

I wasn’t sure whether to write this or not, I was concerned it would damage more than my ego.But I think as a few friends have said over on Facebook it is good to see that not every run is a good one and as long as we take something away from the experience,then is it really a bad one?

The weekend started well enough,I had a bit of a stomach bug at work Friday but put it down to one of those things. I drove over to Chester,completed registration and kit check and was raring to go.

The Calm Before The Storm

After checking into our hotel my Wife and I had a lovely carvery next door (I stayed away from any green veg in case of GI distress,the irony!) and I was fast asleep by 10.30.

Waking at 4 am race morning ,I felt a little off but as i’m not a morning person anyway I dismissed it and drove the short distance to the start.

After collecting my GPS tracker and a ten min delay,we was off at 6.10 AM into the lovely darkness of Waverton.

Now I love this race,and the course.The first twenty miles are flat and fast and the second half is beautiful trail running along the sandstone trail.

I felt good from the off,my foot felt ok,my calf felt like it was working again (I have had a right calf that thinks it works for Royal mail,it only been working half a day!).

As reading this blog im sure you are aware ,like the army an ultrarunner marches on its stomach and the trick is to start getting a little in from almost the start. I use mainly gels while I run and after about 45 mins I decided to take my first.It hit my stomach and almost immediately exited back in the same direction. This was odd as I always use the same SiS gels and ive used them from racing 10k all the way up to Lakeland 50 last year.

I tried a bit of water that had an electrolyte tablet in and almost the same again,straight back out. Now I was starting to panic,at last years race (it ended better and you can read about it HERE) I burnt through over 7000 calories,and you simply cannot run 50 miles if you can’t get fluids in.

Screenshot 2019-03-02 at 18.44.04

2018 stats

At CP 1 I replaced my fluids with just plain water hoping if I could get something in then I could keep moving. Unfortunately for me that wasn’t the case. I was already starting to sweat quite badly and at 8am and cool i knew I simply couldn’t continue the way i was going.

I then did something I have never done before in countless races,on road trail and fell. I phoned my wife and told her I was done.

She didn’t believe me. I like most men am a pig-headed git,I don’t often know what is good for me and continue in races even when i know i shouldn’t. I once fell in a 10k, walked almost back to the start sulking,to then pin my number back on and limp round the course ,just so I didn’t get that dreaded DNF on my record.

I’m a few years older now and while I may not be that wiser,I thought about how much of a hypocrite I would be as in my position of a coach if any of my athletes was in the same position I would go bloody mad if they tried to continue.

So I swallowed my ego (and a few man tears) and contacted the RD to let him know my intention to withdraw.

My wife tried her best to get me to try just a couple more miles,she is great at getting the best out of me and the only person I ever really listen to.

I told her,somewhat deflated that I just wanted to go home.

Problem was the bloody car was at the start and I was 4 miles away!

We stopped at our hotel to check out (and my umpteenth toilet stop) and then strolled back to race HQ.

I handed my tracker back,thanked the team for the concern and that was that. My Chester adventure was over.

So now i’m sat here on Sat evening when I should be celebrating with a beer and some rubbish fast food,sporting my new t-shirt and medal. But instead im sat wondering what exactly went wrong.

I would like to thank everyone for the lovely comments on social media,the text messages and the ever present support of the wife who has to deal with my tantrums like a petulant child.

Not every run is a good one and that’s ok.

The English National XC

If you know me,you will know I LOVE cross country.In my opinion it is the purest and best form of racing,and as a bonus the strength you gain from a winter racing over XC will make you fly come Spring road racing time.

Despite bordering on Evangelical in my promotion of XC, I have had a less than ideal winter season of it,hitting only a couple of races due to work and injury.

This Sat despite still not being in the best shape I was determined to rectify a crap season and race ‘The National’

Now I have never been to the national XC as it’s a big logistical project for most clubs (only registered club runners can race),but this year I decided if i wanted to go I shouldnt expect everyone else to do the work so set about pestering, mithering and begging my team mates to come with me.

We ended up taking 13 runners (plus my wife the resident photographer).

Meeting on a lovely sunny morning down at club we all travelled up together on a minibus put on for free by the club.Nervous chit chat and piss taking was flowing and I just knew it was going to be a great day.

On arriving and setting up base camp with our lovely new gazebo,it was time to soak in the surroundings.



A small snippet of the club flags and tents that stretched over the estate.

The location was Harewood house in Leeds and it was stunning.Rolling hills as far as the eye could see with Harewood house itself sitting atop a hill,looking down on us menacingly.

The Ladies race was soon underway and while spectating our ladies ,the highlight of the day for me played out……….

A Gent stood near us pulled out his phone to take a few snaps and in doing so dropped £15 in notes just as the ladies got to our part of the course. Now with just over 1000 ladies in the race he had absolutely no chance of getting said money until they passed. After around maybe 20 shouts of “ooh a tenner” “ooh a fiver” It looked like the race had calmed enough for the gent to grab his dropped dinner money.


Just like the red kites that circled the cloudless sky all day,a lady whose club shall remain nameless ,swooped down and grabbed the tenner running off with screams of glee!

The place erupted!

Everyone around the poor bloke had become more engrossed in his two notes than the race and absolutely fell about laughing! I was laughing so hard my ribs hurt!!

Fair play to the bloke he took it in good spirit.I would of been gutted,especially as it was nearly £3 for a coffee!

The start of the men’s race was like nothing I had ever experienced,over 2000 men set off on an uphill start,racing for a sharp left hand turn that was half as wide as the bottom of the hill. Chaos was an understatement and the thought of getting a spike in the back of the calf was at the forefront of my mind.Luckily for me however it was an elbow in the nose that got me,but hey at least no cut leg!

The ground was firm and the competition was fast,the first of two laps I felt like i was in a school of fish ,just being swept along by the current.

Lap two calmed down a little and I could settle into a much more comfy rhythm. I knew I wasn’t going to set the word alight with my performance due to a less than ideal last few months of training but I gave it everything I had and on cresting the final hill I just hung on for dear life to the finish.

A little bit a breathing room on the second lap to pose for my wife!



I finished Fifth counter for my team in 51.45 for 12k (A mere 15 minutes behind the winner!)

BUT I had next to no pain in my foot (bar a stabbing pain where i think the spike bed has raised underneath the ball of my foot). My treatment over the last couple of weeks for my plantar fasciitis seems to be working and i’m a little more confident in completing my next adventure in a few days, my return to the Chester 50 .

I know the Blog has been a little sparse of late,but I don’t know how many times i could Say “crap training week ,foot hurts.” before i threw my laptop out of the window!

Normal service will resume from now.

Resolutions? Pah!

So,how are your daily Kale shakes,no choc,no booze and one hour of HiiT training every day going?





Whatever your resolution, we are fast approaching Quitters Day. The second Friday in Jan is the most common day that people give in and go back to their old ways.

The biggest reason for failing your resolution? (apart from kale tasting like soil!) is that the resolutions are usually unreachable.

Set yourself a manageable goal. Instead of :

“I’m going to train 6 days a week”

look at your normal schedule and if that’s three days a week but you often miss one because of work or the new episode of gold rush.Is doubling your work load realistic?


Diet mainly consist of Bombay bad boy pot noodles and kit kat chunkies? ( I may or may not of had those for lunch this week). Then is saying:

“I’m going to have a quinoa salad everyday with a shot of ginger and Kale”


really going to happen?


Changes need to be incremental,exercise and diets are endurance events and not sprints. There are no magic workouts or super diets, only gradual small changes and hard work.

Don’t mistake a change that’s small as insignificant.

Now pass me a Kit Kat!

Stockport 10: Episode V

The Sunday club strikes back!

So unless you live under a rock or just choose to ignore me (and i wouldn’t blame you). You will know that the world-famous Stockport 10 is my favourite race of the season. As the tagline used to say

“It’s not fast and It’s not flat”

BUT it is the first ever race I did back in 2014 with my good mate Rob ,and its held a special place in my running calendar ever since!

This year the race again did not disappoint,The weather was cold but dry,Perfect you could say if you was hunting for a 5th PB.

For those who haven’t read my blog before , HI!!. I have hit a PB every year at Stockport even though last year was pretty bloody close (you can read about it HERE).

Arriving at Woodbank park ,after eventually finding a parking place I met up with my club mates for the obligatory pre race photo and then went off for the usual warm up.

I felt good and apart from a little cold (Don’t snort olbas oil before a race kids!), I was excited for the race ahead.

Just as I was ready to go,the Announcer told us that due to parking issues that the start was delayed by ten mins.The only time my team-mate Neal was on time and he could have spent another ten in bed! (In 2016 he turned just as the race started,had to run 800m to the start and still ran round in a quicker time than me!).

After the delayed start we were off,unlike previous years I didn’t go out like a bat out of hell and eased into my race pace of 6.10 min miles which would guarantee a PB.

After a couple of miles my teammate Chris went shooting past,at first I was a bit nervous as he hasn’t run the course before, but he is a real stat guy and i reminded myself he has probably scrutinised every step.(I later found out he had planned his race on my paces from last year!)

I caught up with him just before the big climb at half way,looking at my watch I hit 29.52. Could a sub 60 be possible?

Short answer ,no.

I blow up on this hill every single year,it’s a mile of climbing and every year my legs are fried.

This year however I changed tactics and just turned the pace down enough so i didn’t see stars before the top,It worked i felt like i could push through the fast section through the housing estate for a change rather than holding on for my life.

The descent this year onto the farmers track had been resurfaced and instead of a mud bath we had some decent running surface. Unfortunately for me I fell off the pack i was with and immediately the pace felt a little too much. A quick check of the watch showed i was still ok but it was starting to feel tough,who would have thought it eh?

Hitting the water station just before 8 miles I decided to take a drink,big mistake! The water mixed with a blocked nose made me choke and as i doubled over to evacuate my stomach i heard two little cretins shout “come on coach!” as they flew past laughing.

It was Chris and our other training partner Rob,who I had forgotten was in the race,i later found out he had been stalking me like a panther and had me in his sites all the way round!

Now let me tell you ,there is simply nothing better for performance,not Drugs, EPO or a head start than two of your training partners passing you in YOUR race ;).

I caught up with them after 400 metres or so and we ran as a pack to the finish.


Rob and I neck and neck(he is hidden in this pic) and Chris 10m behind.

Or so i thought….

Rob made his move with about 600m to go and I just didn’t have the legs to follow,which left me with Chris about 50 metres behind.

Or so I thought…..

One thing about Chris is he can kick and with 150m to go he went.

I may as well have been stood still!

So from leading them ,I ended up third.Now some people would be upset about that, I only felt proud.These boys trust me enough to set the sessions week in week out and I must be doing something correct!

So anyway sod them two clowns with their wanton disrespect for the coach 😉 back to the real reason you have suffered this long with my ramblings….

Did I PB?



Yes ,Yes I did


A full minute off last year! As i said last year , I’m not sure how long the streak will last but i will be back at Woodbank stadium every Dec until I can no longer run a step!



A Gift Guide for Runners

christmas-presents-1024x640Well it’s the most wonderful time of the year again.


The non runners in your life may be wondering what to buy for you, so I’ve wrote this quick guide for you to pass to them.

Socks – seriously we runners love socks. Don’t believe me? I dare you to enter any of the numerous Facebook running groups and ask “what are the best running socks?” Go on I double dare you 😉

A race entry – this one will go down a treat, all runners love races but be careful, it’s best to stipulate exactly how much you want to spend otherwise we WILL enter the marathon des sables (A four thousand pound race in the Sahara!)

A shoe voucher – we go through shoes like nobody’s business, Imelda Marcos has nothing on your average runner. Never though I repeat NEVER just buy a runner some shoes, that’s a rabbit hole you don’t want to enter. Minimal, maximal, barefoot, race shoe, trail shoe, wet Tuesdays only shoe,the list is endless! A voucher never offends!

Tennis balls – No, not to get them to take up a new sport or a Career as a cliff Richard impersonator. We runners LOVE tennis balls. We even sometimes sit on them! (trust me you wouldn’t understand!)

A free training pass – If you want to be extra thoughtful (or just a tight git) you can print the runner in your life some vouchers to cash in with you whenever they like. IKEA on a Sunday afternoon you say? Sorry love here is a voucher I’m going playing in the hills!

A Bloke walks into a Pub

No It’s not the start of a crap joke…….


Last week I had a lovely family mini break in the Lake District. During the break I was speaking to my Cousin at the bar,and he asked me a question I hadn’t really thought of before.

Why do people pay you to coach them? what are they getting over simply joining the running club?

This got me thinking,it may seem obvious to me but it’s only simple if you know the answer right?

The main difference is personalisation. In my position as a volunteer club coach I have around 130 members (30/40 per session) .While I would love to give each and every one a personal plan, I am only there three/four hours per week and it would simply become a full-time job!

That being said I love my club and my phone never stops with members asking for tips and advice,which they all get for free at anytime of the day or night. You can go a long long way using this method,be it with me at my club or any of the other thousands of Athletic clubs across the UK.

But what happens if you can’t make the session? ,shift worker? or busy parent? You may be training for something specific,a multi day ultramarathon or a specific time in a certain race where two group sessions just won’t cut it.

As a private client your plan is simply that,yours. No two plans look the same.Can’t train Monday, Tuesday? Only able to train in the afternoons? That isn’t a problem with a private coach,I update my athletes training weekly so we both always know what you are supposed to be doing and if sessions need moving around it’s no issue.

A private coach is not for everyone,I know many great runners who have no coach at all and many others who have had fantastic results just by listening to the club coach.But if you want that little bit of a personal touch or just don’t want to do the whole club thing this is where a Private coach can shine,trust me knowing you have to be accountable to someone makes you think twice about skipping a session ;).


A Day Late and A Dollar Short

Not really much to say about last week’s training. It was a week of missed sessions, phantom injuries and rubbish excuses!

I had to skip my Tuesday gym session due to waking up with shoulder pain, I must of either slept in a strange position or doing one armed pull ups in my sleep!

I skipped Wednesdays session and instead of a speedwork session Thursday I opted for the easy option and did a steady 10k.

Saturday was cross country and as soon as I started my body refused to respond,HR through the roof, my legs felt heavy and my chest felt like it had been swapped with an asthmatic hamster! It may of been due to the lack of training, I may be coming down with something (or it could be the several pints I had at a presentation evening Friday!).

Sunday’s run club was postponed this week due to working at the clubs half marathon. By the time I got away I just didn’t have the energy to run so sulked on my bike for an hour!

If I was a teacher writing a school report it would state…..

“Ian has some talent but must try harder!”

Pretty much how this week went!

Another One Bites The Dust

Week that is.

Can you believe it’s almost mid November? The Coke advert is on TV and i spotted my first set of xmas lights on Tuesday (THE BLOODY 6TH NOVEMBER!!)

I have managed to get five training sessions in this week,four runs and one gym session.

Training has gone well,i’ve felt really strong and although I missed thursdays session (we went out for tea).I feel i could of done more if the plan required.

Saturday was XC time and despite having to work Sat morning I was raring to go,I love XC and regardless of the weather it’s never a chore,I feel like a kid again splashing in the mud!


The course was pretty dry this year compared to normal!

Planned vs actual

Mon– club session complete (10k easy)

Tues-Gym Complete (Squats ,deadlift and basic bodyweight mobility work).

Wed – 8 miles tempo complete (ish) decided to do some fartlecking (fnar) instead of a tempo run. 8.5 miles complete

Thurs – Time Pyramid Incomplete Mrs W suggested a curry for tea so I wagged this session.

Fri – Rest complete. (One session I never miss!).

Sat- Bolton XC Complete Ran Hard but controlled (I blew up big time on this course last year). Felt good and finished two minutes quicker than last year.

Sun – Long run Complete (ish) I had 13 miles planned but as most of the sunday club raced yesterday,legs were heavy so 10 miles and a maccies breakfast was the prescription.

Total mileage– 33

15 Weeks to go…..

Back In The Saddle Again

It has been three weeks since The Yorkshire Marathon and I decided to take a little recovery time,in part because I was knackered and partly to try and get to the source of this Plantar fasciitis that has been niggling me for months!

I haven’t been completely bone idle,i’ve been running albeit not much. I took part in my first XC race of the season which 6 days after Yorkshire was not my wisest move!

I have also been back in the gym doing some strength and conditioning ,something I neglect as i’m sure most of you do too!

This last week i have began to be a little more structured and have now added a whiteboard in my kitchen which i write all my sessions for the next week. My wife then checks them off as and when I do them. Accountability works both ways ,I have got very good at dishing out plans but not very good at following them!

I coach my wife so i’m sure she is loving being the boss of my training (as well as normal life ;)).


I would make a fantastic GP with my handwriting!

Planned vs actual

Mon– club session complete (10k easy)

Tues-Gym Complete (Squats ,deadlift and basic bodyweight mobility work).

Wed – Run commute Incomplete (Too lazy to get up early so ran an easy four miles after work and joined in with the track session, 5×3 mins with club).

Thurs – 5×3 mins Incomplete (Did session yesterday so did an easy 4 miles instead).

Fri – Rest complete. (One session i never miss!).

Sat- 60 mins hard Incomplete (Dodged session to go for a hike on the moors with my wife,life isn’t always about training)

Sun – Long run Complete (Never a chore with the Sunday run club gang,this week we found out one of us hadn’t seen fight club,the Wachowski  brothers are now sisters and another one of us had won a parkrace the day before! all high brow conversations!)


Total Mileage – 29 miles


16 weeks to go before Chester Ultra 50………

Yorkshire Marathon 2018

The alarm rudely woke me at 5.30 am,I didn’t feel like getting up as the weather forecast had promised me some pretty grim weather.


Can you even do a race without a flat lay first?

I had a solo drive over to York this time as my wife was double booked,this is the first time she hasnt come with me to a big race which is a miracle in itself with the amount of different races I do and my poor diary keeping skills !

The drive over was uneventful,coffee and naff early morning radio 1 kept me company.

There is no parking at the marathon event village and instead they operated a park and ride from the train station.

I met up with club mate Neal and his wife Amy while waiting in the bus queue. The buses were a nightmare ,not enough for the amount of runners and I heard stories of runners being late for the start!

We got to the event village in plenty of time fortunately but I just felt rushed,no idea why.I could of done with maybe using the loo one more time but the queues were massive so I took a gamble and hoped the rumble in my stomach was just nerves!

The rain while not as heavy as predicted was still coming down plenty and so I could keep my jacket on as long as possible Amy offered to look after my gear so I didn’t have to use bag drop.

9.15 we decided to head to the start and a rare bit of foresight meant I had brought two very fetching auto trader ponchos,they did the job and we looked super fashionable !

On the start line I told Neal my plans 6.28 min/mile and hold on as long as possible to try and hit 2.50 ,I knew this was very ambitious but sometimes you just have to roll the dice and go. I definitely was not going out faster than that ,no way no how.

Hand shakes,gun goes we are off!

                                                                      First mile 6.08 – shit!

It took 10k or so to settle into a rhythm as the cold and rain kept my mind off my pacing!

The Yorkshire course is hillier than I expected ,I knew it was supposed to have a few bumps and while nothing major they did make a dent on effort levels.

First half went well and I went through in 1.23.42 ,about 2 mins up on my official half PB from 2016 !

I had been tucked in with a group of lads all aiming for 2.50 from about 4 miles in.The chit chat was the usual , how many miles in the build up ,how many 20 milers had been ran etc etc.

I felt like a fraud

Since Lakeland In July I have been a mix of conservative and lazy ,long runs had been scarce in fact since Lakeland I have done 1 x 20 with Dan Lawson on his jogle attempt a 15 miler hungover and a 16 miler ! I had no business being in this group , I was undertrained and running on stubbornness.

                   I fell off this group about 18 miles in ,I hope they finished well!

Just after falling off I spotted Neal coming back up the opposite side of the road ,he wasn’t lost it was a boring long out and back section! He looked super strong and we exchanged a quick shout before he disappeared into the distance.

By the 20 mile point I was really cold ,I hadn’t taken a drink from 16 miles as I couldn’t open the lids to get in them,this continued to the finish and I just decided to not bother getting a bottle from the remaining stations (not anyone’s fault, it can’t be easy making sure 1000s of bottle are open for precious runners who’s handies are cold !) .

Calf Cramp hit me around this point ,my right calf just seized up and no change of gait was easing it off. I knew to stop and stretch would of been game over as I would never of started up again!

I had opted to wear my new balance 1400 v5s ,I love this shoe but I think it was a little too light for full marathon distance ,mixed in with the bloody plantar fasciitis I’ve had for weeks ( I’ve tried everything to shift it ,ice ,massage ,stretching and voodoo! ) probably brought on the cramp.

The last six miles are a blur of cold ,cramp and demons. I had covered 20 miles quicker than I had ever before but all I wanted to do was stop ,I was no longer bothered about a PB. My normal mantra of counting up to four wasn’t working and my leg was not responded to my obscenities!

I had gone from wanting a 2.50 to not even being bothered if I hit sub 3! The only reason I continued on my shuffle was fear of getting even colder. The final two miles 7.08 and 7.24 ,almost a min slower than avg pace proved how far I had over stretched and the importance of long runs in training !

I came round to the final straight to cheers from Amy and Neal’s parents who had been kindly waiting for me to come in.I finished in 2.53.25 a massive 6 min PB and was absolutely over the moon,yes it wasn’t 2.50 but that goal doesn’t have to have a time limit and i know it is ripe for the taking.

Screenshot 2018-10-14 at 18.48.07

I shoved some dry clothes on while Neal had a massage,I was in too much pain to even think about someone touching my calf.

A quick pint back in york with Neal and family to celebrate our PBs ( He was 9th in 2.38!). I had to then leave them to the celebrations and head on back home.

I arrived back to a victory bottle of whisky from my wife and a takeaway,the simple things in life are often the best.

So what’s next?

I’m going to chuck myself wholeheartedly into a hard XC season and of course the world famous Stockport 10

Train Smarter Not Longer

So it’s London Marathon ballot results week again and as usual a lot of commiserations mags have been hitting doorsteps.




All week i’ve been reading a lot of posts on social media about how unfair the system is. Whether that is true or not is above both my pay grade and level of intelligence, however talking to a friend who was unsuccessful I mentioned that he try for a good for age time, He replied

We can’t all train as much as you!

This got me thinking, do people think that to achieve a goal such as good for age that they have to train twice a day 7 days a week?

Now don’t get me wrong im not for one moment suggesting that everyone is capable of hitting a good for age time,there are factors that could and do stop people hitting them but MOST runners could if they trained smarter!

I know some runners that train far more than most (one has hit 2500 miles this year already!) yet have had no real progress at any distance they have raced.

While I get not everyone runs for times, i also get that deep down if someone said they could take 5 mins of your PB you would take it (I know i would!) .

The problem with some runners is that they train at the same pace all the time,train too much or simply hit too many marathons a year and don’t recover enough between efforts and as such stay in the spiral of not hitting their target, so they train more,don’t recover and so on goes the struggle.

Back to my mate’s comment………..I very rarely train more than 5 days a week and when i ran my sub three marathon it was based on an average of 30 miles a week over 15 weeks,I got ill and had to be really smart with my training .(I had been running for a few years and it wasn’t my first marathon).

What training should look like

  • Long runs should be EASY!!! 60 seconds per mile slower than Marathon pace is a good starting point.
  • speed sessions UNDER marathon pace, ( 5 mile repeats 30 seconds quicker than MP with two minutes recovery is a great session) As is getting down to your local parkrun and having a good old blowout!
  • Marathon paced tempo runs, should be in your arsenal get used to running that pace and make it feel comfy!,a good start is 4 miles at goal marathon pace in the middle of a 6 mile steady run.
  • Recovery runs, these should be easy as well, a run where you are panting and struggling to talk is not a recovery session! On a Recovery run you can hold a full conversation.


A normal week for someone who runs five days should look a little like this

One long run

Two specific sessions (Tempo run,hills,track workout etc)

Two easy recovery runs

Your aim should always to be nice and fresh hitting the two sessions a week rather than hitting every run at the same pace,If you don’t you are not really going to improve or recover enough on any run. More does not always equal better!

It may take you 12 whole months to get closer to your GFA time but stop looking at them as impossible targets,train smarter and make then an achievable Target!