received_10156700891205337Who Am I?


Well That’s a bit deep,Who are any of us really?

If you are visiting this site,chances are you have met me at a race,spotted one of my race reports ruining your usual lovely social media groups or simply got unlucky and stumbled across this while searching for something intelligent to read.

I apologise for all three!

Jokes aside, maybe just like you, I set off on my running journey to shift a bit of timber.I used to play a bit of footy and thought that counteracted eating like a pig,boozing and smoking 20+ cigs a day.

Spoiler alert

It doesn’t!

My First 5k took me almost 32 mins,and I thought I was king of the world! Olympics must surely be next!?

This thought quickly evaporated when I went to my local Parkrun and was lapped!

Since that day I have joined a Running Club (probably my smartest running decision). Ran all sorts of races from 1 mile up to 100 miles.I have ran in the sunshine,the snow,the rain,through the day and also through the night! Across all terrains and at all paces! I think it’s fair to say I am an addict!

I also have taken various coaching qualifications and have more books on running and running technique than I dare to count.

I hold the C.I.R.F Qualification,currently the highest award given by England Athletics for training off track athletes.

I am also fully first-aid qualified (3 day first aid at work) 

So I am both fully insured by England Athletics to both give plans and take sessions both safely and correctly.

You can read more about my services HERE

Coaching others gives me almost as much enjoyment as running,The feeling you get when an athlete breaks a personal barrier is hard to describe!

I hope you enjoy the site, stay for a while and follow me on this adventure I call running!