Vj sports Irock 3 review

VJ Sports Irock 3; Fell runnings worst kept secret……..?



I’m probably gonna get into a lot of trouble doing this,as lot of my mates love these shoes. And kind of get a bit mad when I start telling everyone about them!

The VJ irock 3 are spoken about in hushed tones by hooded figures in dark corners of vast masonic halls (or dirty sweaty fell runners in boozers after a hard day on the hills!).

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Stockport 10 Mile Race 2019

Stockport 10 Ep 6 – Return of the PB?


For those of you who don’t know,Stockport 10 mile is my fave race in the entire world.It is the first race I ever ran when my good mate Rob paced me round to 1h21 back in 2014!

Stockport 10 is very much like me:

Northern,Not pretty and often cold!


Hence we are kindred spirits!

It is put on every year by Stockport Harriers ,flawlessly I may add! I help organise the races for my club Radcliffe AC so I know how difficult things are,and for them to do it on open roads is simply outstanding!!

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The lakeland 100 2019

So now the dust has settled on another lakeland weekend, the foon is polished and both cups put away for another time. No idea what I’m talking about? Join the lakeland Facebook group and ask, go on I DOUBLE dare you 😉.

Last year I ran the lakeland 50 (read about it HERE) and I can hand on heart say it was the toughest race I had ever done, so much so I threw my shoes on the ground after I had finished and said to my wife “f##k running and all who sail in her” while blubbing into my pint of uncle Terry!

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Chester Ultra 100 mile 2019 Race Report

“100 Miles Isn’t That Far”


Is the catchphrase of ultra-running legend Karl ‘speedgoat’ Meltzer.Karl has 30+ 100 mile wins under his belt and is one of the most knowledgeable guys in the sport………….


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The Fellsman 2019 Blog


It is the Saturday after the weekend before and i’m currently sat with my feet up and a glass of red wine.
Rewind to last Friday and it was a very different picture,I was sat in a school somewhere in Yorkshire eating a cheesy pasta bake and getting slightly nervous about the adventure ahead.

I am of course talking about the fellsman!

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