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Why choose a running coach?


With hundreds of free plans online for every distance imaginable, why would anyone need a coach?

Training is not generic and what works for one may not work for another. Plenty of my athletes have come to me with plans they have downloaded and while some are OK, others are poorly designed at best.

Not everyone needs to run 6/7 days a week or do twice daily workouts. Some people may just want to run two or three times a week and enjoy themselves. Both sets can still achieve a goal specific for them.


What’s the difference between me and the

countless other online coaches?



Well I actually coach every single week! I am the Head coach for my local running club and deal with individuals and group sessions 52 weeks a year!

I hold the C.I.R.F Qualification,currently the highest award given by England Athletics for coaching off track athletes.

I am also fully first-aid qualified (3 day first aid at work) 

So I am both fully insured by England Athletics to both give plans and take sessions both safely and correctly.

With a personalised plan I take the time to find out your goals and what your training balance is.

We can then work together to find a path that will get you to your goal!

I work with all athletes from brand spanking new runners to marathon winners, ultra running podium finishers and multi day event athletes.

My athletes have all seen their times drop over the last couple of years regardless of distance!

I offer

  • Training plans
  • 1-2-1 Sessions
  • Group Sessions
  • Pacing and Racing strategies

Pricing starts from just £30 a month.


Contact me to discuss your road to a new PB!