You Can’t Shoot A Cannon Out Of A Canoe.

You may of heard this famous quote before, it’s banded around often in the strength training world, but what exactly does it mean?

Imagine a canoe…… Now shove a cannon in with you, yes I know its a tight squeeze and probably breaches health and safety directives but bare with me, it’s in your imagination! (if you prefer shove on your imaginary safety goggles and ear protectors.)



Now shoot the cannon…….

The cannon ball won’t go very far and you have probably been shot backwards as well ,(sorry if your imaginary canoe capsized and you got wet, grab an imaginary towel and dry off.)

Now if that cannon was firmly planted on a stable foundation the cannonball would travel much further ( don’t ask why its science ) just sit back and laugh at the guys firing things out of bloody canoes!

So what has any of this got to to do with running?

A stable foundation governs all!

It matters not how big your aerobic engine is if your meat chassis isn’t strong enough to transfer the power! All those little niggles you get in your lower body? more than likely a strength imbalance.

Now more than ever, (with the restrictions on our training due to covid 19) it is a great time to work on those foundations!

Most of the UK is now on partial lockdown and many of us are spending a lot of time at home. Now instead of being melancholic and having a woe is me attitude,be proactive!

It’s a perfect time to work on the small stuff to reap massive rewards in the autumn race season!

A simple bodyweight and core routine done daily is going to pay massive dividends!

You can’t go far wrong with a mixture of

Bodyweight squats
Push ups

What else are you going to do between reruns of friends and impractical jokers?

Vj sports Irock 3 review

VJ Sports Irock 3; Fell runnings worst kept secret……..?



I’m probably gonna get into a lot of trouble doing this,as lot of my mates love these shoes. And kind of get a bit mad when I start telling everyone about them!

The VJ irock 3 are spoken about in hushed tones by hooded figures in dark corners of vast masonic halls (or dirty sweaty fell runners in boozers after a hard day on the hills!).

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Stockport 10 Mile Race 2019

Stockport 10 Ep 6 – Return of the PB?


For those of you who don’t know,Stockport 10 mile is my fave race in the entire world.It is the first race I ever ran when my good mate Rob paced me round to 1h21 back in 2014!

Stockport 10 is very much like me:

Northern,Not pretty and often cold!


Hence we are kindred spirits!

It is put on every year by Stockport Harriers ,flawlessly I may add! I help organise the races for my club Radcliffe AC so I know how difficult things are,and for them to do it on open roads is simply outstanding!!

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Podium 5k Arctic Edition

So loyal readers (Hi Nan!) will remember that in August I did something very silly.

I turned up at a road 5k event. No kit check,no aid stations,nothing!!

You can read about that HERE …..

Secretly I loved it and have been banging on about the next one to all that would listen!

Unfortunately it ended up being on the same day as out last league cross country fixture and takers were low.

I made the decision to skip XC (I know,heretic!) I had done the three needed to count for my clubs championship and had done pretty well so I decided that there wasn’t going to be a better time to try and hit a 5k PB before the end of the year!

I did however have one taker who also decided to skip XC….

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Tour of Pendle Fell Race 2019

The Tour of Pendle as described on the race’s website:


  1. This is a category ” A-long “ race in winter, it is NOT suitable for NOVICES.  There will be a cut-off time at check point 4, anyone not arriving by 12:30pm (assuming a 10:30am start) will be retired and directed back to Barley Village Hall.
  2. Runners most only enter this race if they have substantial experience of similar terrain, distance, conditions and of navigating across mountain terrain in poor conditions.


A piece of cake then…….

For a few years,I have looked on at my proper fell running mates in awe as they dissapear off for a day up in Barley.The facebook photos and banter for the weeks after always made me a bit jealous.But Pendle hill is ominous in summertime,it’s always windy and don’t even mention the WITCHES .It wasn’t going to be a race I rushed into

Fell running in a nutshell,for those who don’t know is the sport of finding the steepest hill/hills,usually off road, running up them and then chucking yourself off the top!

In other words…..



I love all running however,

I can just be doing mindless laps on a track,running home from work or racing a’s my happy place and keeps me a little sane.

Fell running however is special,

Because it is so hard! nothing else really feels better than trudging up a hill in the mud and rain for 15 minutes just to throw yourself off the top like you are a child again!

My mate Mike said it best on the start line,someone asked him about his ironman tattoo and would he do it again,he simply replied

he would but he was worried he would miss days like this!


So I have set the scene….

Pendle is a big race that has intimidated me for three years,so the night before I would have a high carb meal and an early night right……..


I went to my clubs road league presentation night,before I left home,I muttered the immortal words all blokes say…..

I’m only having one,be back in an hour or so!!

Six pints of Guinness and a couple of Whiskeys from Captain chris’s trusty hip flask,I arrived home at 11pm a little worse for wear!

Perfect race prep!!


Arriving in Barley on Sat morning I was feeling a little sorry for myself,It didn’t help that at registration,they gave everyone a T shirt and bottle of beer from the sponsor Moorhouses! Could I just go home now and pretend I had run???

Walking back to the car to get changed,looking more like a drunk than an athlete I bumped into my friend Alan.

For regular readers I first met Alan at the lakeland 50 in 2018 and then again by chance on the course of Lakeland 100 this year! We completed most of the course together and without him I may of dropped out.

The problem is,I never see Alan outside of races,so i’m a little worried he isn’t real and just a figment of my imagination!

Meeting up with Clubmate Lisa,she just looked at me and laughed.I really was a hungover mess! And on the warmup I really did want to just get back in my car and crawl up into a ball.

Why oh Why am I here!!


The first climb soon sorted me out,straight to the top of Pendle hill! Whatever Guinness was still in my system was being sweat out at an alarming rate!! Thankfully I had a couple of muddy miles downhill to try and swallow my lungs back into my body!!

Screenshot 2019-11-19 at 19.37.54

Course Profile


The biggest descent on the race is called Geronimo (take a look,just before 8 miles above!),

You can watch some mentalists run down it here on a previous year!


I received some sage advice from club mate and friend Fiona about Geronimo and it was spot on! want to know what she said?

As graceful as a pig on roller skates!


Find your own fiona 😉.

As soon as I hit the bottom,I shoved in two energy gels as we still had four climbs to go,each followed by a nasty descent!

I finally began to feel half normal again and everyone I had spoke to,had warned me that the race did not start till after geronimo.So I decided to push a little…

The climbs are like a sadists wet dream,each a little steeper than the last,but the ground was sodden so at least the descents were a mix of springy grass and mud!perfect for hitting fast and not having to worry about the quads!!! Once again the VJ Irocks were incredible,you just can’t slip in the feckers!!

At the top of the final climb,I was finished.

It had been a long day and i just could not be arsed……..

But Nicky spinks had just pulled up alongside me…….

Now i’m not proud of this,and Nicky may be nearly 20 years my senior,BUT she is one of fell runnings legends,running and winning more races than I dare to even think about!! Including the record for a double Bob Graham!!

They make them tough on Nicky’s farm!

I have never beaten her in a race before.Whether she was having a bad day or not (she was),the race was on!

I however didn’t tell Nicky we were racing,im not an idiot!!

One final pass of the Pendle trig point and its 1000ft downhill back to the finish.Lungs screaming I just turned off my brain and let the legs do what they do best,even passing a few runners going downhill (if you know me you will know I don’t descend v well!)

Hitting the final road mile I went at it as hard as I could,I knew the sub 3 hours was just out of reach but happy with a tough day complete!

The final 200m!!


I almost fell over the finish in 3:03:54.

Yes we may of been lucky this year with the weather,but I really enjoyed myself and I can see Pendle being added into my diary for many years to come!

Back at the car,I stripped out of my gear and cleaned myself as best as possible with a wet long sleeved t shirt and drove straight to the pub for a well deserved pint (and sit down!)

I just don’t learn.

For the grand sum of £9 I got a day out in the hills with my pals,a race t-shirt and a bottle of moorhouses ale! (I went for white witch if you were wondering) which I enjoyed in the bath at home after the race!!