You Can’t Shoot A Cannon Out Of A Canoe.

You may of heard this famous quote before, it’s banded around often in the strength training world, but what exactly does it mean?

Imagine a canoe…… Now shove a cannon in with you, yes I know its a tight squeeze and probably breaches health and safety directives but bare with me, it’s in your imagination! (if you prefer shove on your imaginary safety goggles and ear protectors.)



Now shoot the cannon…….

The cannon ball won’t go very far and you have probably been shot backwards as well ,(sorry if your imaginary canoe capsized and you got wet, grab an imaginary towel and dry off.)

Now if that cannon was firmly planted on a stable foundation the cannonball would travel much further ( don’t ask why its science ) just sit back and laugh at the guys firing things out of bloody canoes!

So what has any of this got to to do with running?

A stable foundation governs all!

It matters not how big your aerobic engine is if your meat chassis isn’t strong enough to transfer the power! All those little niggles you get in your lower body? more than likely a strength imbalance.

Now more than ever, (with the restrictions on our training due to covid 19) it is a great time to work on those foundations!

Most of the UK is now on partial lockdown and many of us are spending a lot of time at home. Now instead of being melancholic and having a woe is me attitude,be proactive!

It’s a perfect time to work on the small stuff to reap massive rewards in the autumn race season!

A simple bodyweight and core routine done daily is going to pay massive dividends!

You can’t go far wrong with a mixture of

Bodyweight squats
Push ups

What else are you going to do between reruns of friends and impractical jokers?

Vj sports Irock 3 review

VJ Sports Irock 3; Fell runnings worst kept secret……..?



I’m probably gonna get into a lot of trouble doing this,as lot of my mates love these shoes. And kind of get a bit mad when I start telling everyone about them!

The VJ irock 3 are spoken about in hushed tones by hooded figures in dark corners of vast masonic halls (or dirty sweaty fell runners in boozers after a hard day on the hills!).

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Stockport 10 Mile Race 2019

Stockport 10 Ep 6 – Return of the PB?


For those of you who don’t know,Stockport 10 mile is my fave race in the entire world.It is the first race I ever ran when my good mate Rob paced me round to 1h21 back in 2014!

Stockport 10 is very much like me:

Northern,Not pretty and often cold!


Hence we are kindred spirits!

It is put on every year by Stockport Harriers ,flawlessly I may add! I help organise the races for my club Radcliffe AC so I know how difficult things are,and for them to do it on open roads is simply outstanding!!

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Podium 5k Arctic Edition

So loyal readers (Hi Nan!) will remember that in August I did something very silly.

I turned up at a road 5k event. No kit check,no aid stations,nothing!!

You can read about that HERE …..

Secretly I loved it and have been banging on about the next one to all that would listen!

Unfortunately it ended up being on the same day as out last league cross country fixture and takers were low.

I made the decision to skip XC (I know,heretic!) I had done the three needed to count for my clubs championship and had done pretty well so I decided that there wasn’t going to be a better time to try and hit a 5k PB before the end of the year!

I did however have one taker who also decided to skip XC….

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Kalenji Run Wind Sleeveless Jacket – Review.

So Winter…

Rubbish isn’t it?…….

dark mornings, dreary days and dark nights…

Not the most inspiring or safest times of the year to get out for a run!

This is why hi-viz and reflective gear is so important! Yes you may look like an extra from a 90s rave, But at least you will be safe!

Decathlon have kindly given me a gilet to test out and keep me safe over Winter and I must say I’m very impressed (and a thank you of course!).


The kalenji run wind sleeveless jacket, has been with me for every run since I received it and I must say I’m impressed!

While gilets may not be the most interesting of things in the world to review. This one does what it needs to do and no extra faff, bells or whistles.

Last Sunday, I went for a wintry 10 mile run in the early morning, while not really dark, it was cold and a little foggy. Perfect kalenji gilet weather!!

I always run hot so tend not to wear a jacket, this means though that if we stop to regroup or slow down I get cold pretty fast and regret not bringing said jacket!

The Kalenji run wind sleeveless jacket kept me just at goldilocks standard (not too hot/not too cold). You can regulate temp pretty well by simply putting the hood up and down. Full venting down the spine also helps if you are a sweaty runner like me!!


I also had it on coaching a track session mid week,it was a typical December evening,cold and drizzly.The jacket kept me warm enough to be able to jog round the outer track monitoring the session without becoming a sweaty mess I usually would in a full waterproof!

While I may of got a little wet after an hour outside,it doesn’t claim to be waterproof.The shower proofness kept my core dry enough.


Storage wise it has one pocket,big enough for a smartphone (I have a Google Pixel 3 and it fits in no issues). It also folds easily into its own pocket for storage and will fit into the side pouch on a pair of Kalenji Trail Running Shorts  pretty well ,it’s almost like they planned it ;).



Grand price for this bit of kit? £20 ,£30?



Go buy one!!!

(also available in black)


Available HERE