Vj sports Irock 3 review

VJ Sports Irock 3; Fell runnings worst kept secret……..?



I’m probably gonna get into a lot of trouble doing this,as lot of my mates love these shoes. And kind of get a bit mad when I start telling everyone about them!

The VJ irock 3 are spoken about in hushed tones by hooded figures in dark corners of vast masonic halls (or dirty sweaty fell runners in boozers after a hard day on the hills!).

I needed a new pair of fell shoes for the upcoming season. And I hate to say it, but the quality of my favourite x talons have not really been up to standard recently. When I noticed that they’ve gone to nearly a hundred quid. I nearly choked on my Melton Mowbray !!

A quick glance on the fell runners ‘XXX’ website Pete Bland’s and I see the VJ irocks 3’s for an extra tenner and decided to take a chance….. (it’s marked XXX as plenty of runners hide the search history and purchases from there other halves 😉 )

And I’m so glad that I did!


To say these shoes are sticky. Would be a bit of an understatement. If I was fit or stupid enough. I could probably run up the side of a house. They are that good!* I’ve used them for a few races now, a full cross country season and the long distance fell race :Tour of Pendle Fell Race 2019

They really haven’t let me down yet. I’ve slipped maybe once. And that’s only on a bit of wet stone and unless you’ve got super glue on your feet. You’re gonna slip anyway. Mud, wet bark,Stiles. Nothing really seems to faze these shoes. And they look fast as well!


Red and black is always a big hit with me.

Now, I know colour way shouldn’t be a selling point. But I like to think i’m cool and if there is a better colour combo for speed than red and black, i’m yet to find it!

The fit is narrow,but not overly so.If you normally wear an x talon you will be fine, mudclaw owners may need to try before you buy!

Originally designed for orienteering, I first heard about them when Jon Albon left his sponsorship deal with Inov8 to wear them!

The Grip as mentioned is unreal!! they are made from a special Butyl rubber (whatever that is!, i’m no scientist ,although I do have aspirations to be either Iron man or Batman!).

They are light! I was pleasantly surprised when I first picked them up as they are road shoe light! (my size 8s weigh 240g or 5 mars bars!) Yes real mens sizes may weigh a little extra!!

The grip is aggressive,scrap yard guard dog level aggressive! If you are looking for a trail shoe for your local parkrace or manicured tracks,these are not for you. Vj irocks need MUD!


The lugs are spaced so that they displace the mud rapidly,much to the pleasure of people behind you!


I cant imagine they will last too long if you need to spend any real time transitioned from road to trail…….

The uppers are made of Kevlar,now I haven’t tried shooting myself in the foot yet (well I have done,many many times metaphorically, and with great success!) But I think the kevlar is more to improve the longevity of the shoe and less to protect you in a shootout! They fit amazing, first outing I had to stop and readjust the laces a few times but once you find the sweet spot they just hug your foot and you forget you are wearing a shoe and feel more like a mountain goat,chucking yourself down fells with wanton abandon! I’m yet to lose confidence in these shoes!

If you are usually a fan of Inov-8 or Salomon then just give these a go next time you need a new pair of shoes,Trust me you will not regret it!!

*probably don’t try running up the side of a house!

One thought on “Vj sports Irock 3 review

  • what can i say, these stuck with me during my training for the Spine, during the spine race to the end and are now on my next season of training. Cant recommend enough!!!


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