Podium 5k Arctic Edition

So loyal readers (Hi Nan!) will remember that in August I did something very silly.

I turned up at a road 5k event. No kit check,no aid stations,nothing!!

You can read about that HERE …..

Secretly I loved it and have been banging on about the next one to all that would listen!

Unfortunately it ended up being on the same day as out last league cross country fixture and takers were low.

I made the decision to skip XC (I know,heretic!) I had done the three needed to count for my clubs championship and had done pretty well so I decided that there wasn’t going to be a better time to try and hit a 5k PB before the end of the year!

I did however have one taker who also decided to skip XC….


Rob doesn’t like cross country, but that’s OK I still like him. I even have friends who put ketchup on bacon butties*, I don’t judge.

So after weeks of banging on to him about how good podium was for PB potential we arrived….

And nearly slipped on our arse on some ice!


Colour Rob unimpressed!

After a warm up I really didn’t fancy racing and almost opted for running off to find a boozer!,but we were here and may as well give it a go. Rob even said;

“should of bloody ran XC”

Thanks mate as if I didn’t feel bad already!

Pre race Snap,our faces are frozen like that!

Jumping in the B race once again,after a brief safety note on the icy ground off we went!

I knew a PB maybe off the table but there was still one valuable goal very much ON the table…..

Beat Rob.

Now Rob is faster,younger and better looking than me,but what he doesn’t have yet is my ability to be an absolute wassock!

Within the first 50 metres I was in 2nd place,I knew I had to go out hard and hang on for dear life of I had any chance of not going home with my tail between my legs! Rob is a bit more controlled than me and sets off steady and builds into race pace (he has a good coach!).

Yes we are teammates and yes we are friends,but in a race all that is forgotten 😉

First lap was perfect,exactly the pace I wanted to hit my sub 17 goal…


What Ice?

Oh ……..

That ice!

Every lap had me going wider and wider on every bend as I just had no grip,even the straights were becoming similar to Yates dancefloor at 1am!

Pace began to drop and even though I felt I was pushing as hard as possible it really was two steps forward and one step sideways on those bends !

Screenshot 2019-12-10 at 18.20.22
The Course.

Obviously my initial position was a little optimistic and with 800m to go I had dropped to 4th. A place I would normally be over the moon with……


A quick glance behind I spotted Rob closing down pretty fast! I knew he must of been close as I hadn’t seen him on any of the bends.This was going to be Stockport 10 2018 all over again ,where both he and Captain Chris glided past me in the last 400m!

I closed my eyes,prayed to Odin and went for it!

Much like Brexit i’m not known for my fast finishes but bragging rights were at stake and I simply could not go back to club if he had beaten me ! I  JUST managed to keep him off my arse,crossing the line in 17:31 and immediately throwing up all over myself!!

Rob finished a split second behind and just laughed at my pain!

No doubt he will pull my pants down next time we race 5k!

I hate 5k but I love podium,especially watching the A race and the absolute gazelles fly round in almost unbelievable times! I can’t wait for the next one!!








*Brown on bacon,ketchup on sausage,it’s the law.