Kalenji Trail Running Shorts Review

The best shorts you have (probably) never heard of.


Kalenji shorts and jacket keeping me going during a wet coaching session!


We all wear them, most of the time we may not think about them too much.

I have a fair few pairs, some very expensive £60,all singing all dancing compression ones,I have some 1980s style short shorts and everything in between.

Sure like you I have a favourite pair that I barely take of long enough to wash but do we really spend to much time thinking about them?

Do they fit?
Are they too long?
Are they too short?

As long as they pass these tests then that is about as much thought that I put in.
But NONE compare to the Decathlon Trail shorts.

Now to be completely honest I did receive a free pair BUT not to review. I got them for a recent 0-5k programme I did with Decathlon Bolton which you can read about HERE

Anyway now that’s out of the way these shorts just work! And I have them on nearly all the time! Track workouts, hill reps, races. I even wore them last weekend pacing the Yorkshire marathon as I needed something that would be comfy and offer no chaffing over the three and a half hours and somewhere to keep my mobile phone.

 Pockets, lovely pockets.

These shorts have them in abundance, two on the front, two on the sides and one in the rear. One front and the rear both zip up as well!

I sometimes have to carry a lot of stuff when I’m running, be that on a trail training session or while coaching and these shorts have solved my need to carry a bag.

I can EASILY carry my mobile phone in a case (Google pixel 3), my keys, my whistle and stopwatch, some gels or food and I kid you not a windproof jacket in the side pocket, with no issues.


Now one thing I will say about Decathlon sizing is that they are made for the European Market and as such are a little, shall we say tighter than usual so if you are a between sizer then I would always size up.


Sometimes mid-run ,I have to double check that i have actually put these on,they are that comfy!Most importantly for me living in the North West of England they dry really quickly when i get caught in the constant rain we call summer here! they also have just a little bit of stretch in them for the steep climbs

These shorts are my new faves,I feel a little short changed now when I have to wear anything else!

I have added A few stock images as you can probably agree it’s not easy taking a picture of your own shorts while wearing them !!

Decathlon branded gear,is probably the best made kit I have at present,everything I own just seems to work exactly as designed and the bonus is they are cheap! THese shorts for example are only 15 quid!