Podium 5K

No this isn’t a guest blog post,I actually raced a 5k!


A long time ago,in a galaxy far far away I used to race on the roads all the time.I then got tempted ,like a moth to a flame into the world of mud ,trails and ultras!

Much like the washing up, I avoid 5ks as best as I can.No matter what shape you are in or how fast you are ,they hurt A LOT!

Podium 5k has been on my radar for a while,tales of super fast times and the cream of British distance running whetted my appetite but all previous races have either clashed with another event or I was simply too lazy to go!

Podium 5k is the road equivalent of a fell race.No frills you turn up on the night,fill in an entry form, pay £5 and grab your number.No event village,no t shirts or goody bags just good old fashioned racing.

They have graded races, an A race for sub 18 mins and a B race for everyone else.

I opted for the B race,my PB would allow me into the A but that was in May last year and after I only just scraped sub 20 at parkrun last week,brain instead of ego was in charge.

The course is laps of a cycleway and bar a track is probably the flattest course I have ever ran!

After the initial madness of the first K I settled down into a group and hung on for dear life!

By lap 3 I had fell off the back of the pack and my legs started to scream at me,I promised them that it would soon be over but I don’t think they believed me!


There must be an aid station with coke and cake soon surely!

One lap to go and I risked a glance at my watch,could I hit sub 18? not unless I gave it some welly and with the wind picking up and slowing me down on the back loop (I have a bit more mass than you avg 5k racing snake!) no welly could I give.

After what I thought was was strong kick finish (in reality I probably looked like a baby deer running through treacle) I crossed the line in 18:22 . A season best and my third fastest 5k ever!


Photos are by my wife DW snaps

I just had time to catch my breath and catch team mate and ultra buddy Fiona romp home in 20:04 (she normally ropes me into daft events that last all day,so tonight was my payback ;)!!! ),not bad for a pair of ultra joggers I think!

Am I happy? Absolutely,especially as i’m only three weeks post The lakeland 100 2019 .

Onwards to Stockport!

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