Podium 5K

No this isn’t a guest blog post,I actually raced a 5k!


A long time ago,in a galaxy far far away I used to race on the roads all the time.I then got tempted ,like a moth to a flame into the world of mud ,trails and ultras!

Much like the washing up, I avoid 5ks as best as I can.No matter what shape you are in or how fast you are ,they hurt A LOT!

Podium 5k has been on my radar for a while,tales of super fast times and the cream of British distance running whetted my appetite but all previous races have either clashed with another event or I was simply too lazy to go!

Podium 5k is the road equivalent of a fell race.No frills you turn up on the night,fill in an entry form, pay £5 and grab your number.No event village,no t shirts or goody bags just good old fashioned racing.

They have graded races, an A race for sub 18 mins and a B race for everyone else.

I opted for the B race,my PB would allow me into the A but that was in May last year and after I only just scraped sub 20 at parkrun last week,brain instead of ego was in charge.

The course is laps of a cycleway and bar a track is probably the flattest course I have ever ran!

After the initial madness of the first K I settled down into a group and hung on for dear life!

By lap 3 I had fell off the back of the pack and my legs started to scream at me,I promised them that it would soon be over but I don’t think they believed me!


There must be an aid station with coke and cake soon surely!

One lap to go and I risked a glance at my watch,could I hit sub 18? not unless I gave it some welly and with the wind picking up and slowing me down on the back loop (I have a bit more mass than you avg 5k racing snake!) no welly could I give.

After what I thought was was strong kick finish (in reality I probably looked like a baby deer running through treacle) I crossed the line in 18:22 . A season best and my third fastest 5k ever!


Photos are by my wife DW snaps

I just had time to catch my breath and catch team mate and ultra buddy Fiona romp home in 20:04 (she normally ropes me into daft events that last all day,so tonight was my payback ;)!!! ),not bad for a pair of ultra joggers I think!

Am I happy? Absolutely,especially as i’m only three weeks post The lakeland 100 2019 .

Onwards to Stockport!

A Different Direction

No I am not talking about running backwards,(it is a real sport though Google it).

The first half of this year has all been about the Lakeland 100.Big days out on the hills,big races and even bigger running packs have had me running something that resembles a cross between a Lada Riva and a rocking horse!

Im talking about injecting a bit of SPEED back into my legs!



It is no secret that I love the Stockport 10 mile road race,I have been racing it for the last five years and I have hit a PB every year,BUT I am yet to break the hour! Could I go to another 10 mile race and break the hour? Possibly, both my 10k and marathon times would suggest so but where would be the fun in that? Stockport is my race and much like me it’s not pretty,Northern and can often be quite cold! The sub hour must happen there.

So I have 18 weeks to turn myself from an ultra runner back into a lean mean road runner. The injection of speed can of course be carried over to next years adventures and hopefully a fast road marathon in the Spring.

So for now it’s goodbye hydration vests and pork pies at aid stations and hello 400m repeats and threshold sessions!

Someone pass me the sick bucket,this could get messy!

The lakeland 100 2019

So now the dust has settled on another lakeland weekend, the foon is polished and both cups put away for another time. No idea what I’m talking about? Join the lakeland Facebook group and ask, go on I DOUBLE dare you 😉.

Last year I ran the lakeland 50 (read about it HERE) and I can hand on heart say it was the toughest race I had ever done, so much so I threw my shoes on the ground after I had finished and said to my wife “f##k running and all who sail in her” while blubbing into my pint of uncle Terry!

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