I Just Want To Get Round

Spring Marathon season is almost upon us and one phrase I hear all the time is

I just want to get round

Now if I had a pound for everytime I heard this I could afford two tickets to the cinema AND a trip to the pick and mix aisle!

Now don’t get me wrong it’s perfectly fine to have this train of thought,it could be your first event,you could be coming back from injury or you could have had a few too many shandies the night before! But if you don’t have a goal time in mind how do you know what speed to set off?

Find a time and own it.

No idea what your marathon time should look like ? Double your most recent half marathon time plus ten minutes is a start point. Once you have worked out a time OWN it! So what if your mate is running three hours and you think you will take five It is YOUR race,embrace your current fitness level and don’t let ego ruin your day.

If your pace feels easy for the first ten miles or so……….good! speaking from experience it is no fun detonating during a marathon, it’s a long way back to the finish and if you have set off too fast it will bite you in the ass!

Embrace the crowds.

Embrace the day.

Most of all embrace your achievement,not everyone can do what you will achieve!


Enjoy the finish,there really isn’t anything better!!

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