Resolutions? Pah!

So,how are your daily Kale shakes,no choc,no booze and one hour of HiiT training every day going?





Whatever your resolution, we are fast approaching Quitters Day. The second Friday in Jan is the most common day that people give in and go back to their old ways.

The biggest reason for failing your resolution? (apart from kale tasting like soil!) is that the resolutions are usually unreachable.

Set yourself a manageable goal. Instead of :

“I’m going to train 6 days a week”

look at your normal schedule and if that’s three days a week but you often miss one because of work or the new episode of gold rush.Is doubling your work load realistic?


Diet mainly consist of Bombay bad boy pot noodles and kit kat chunkies? ( I may or may not of had those for lunch this week). Then is saying:

“I’m going to have a quinoa salad everyday with a shot of ginger and Kale”


really going to happen?


Changes need to be incremental,exercise and diets are endurance events and not sprints. There are no magic workouts or super diets, only gradual small changes and hard work.

Don’t mistake a change that’s small as insignificant.

Now pass me a Kit Kat!