A Gift Guide for Runners

christmas-presents-1024x640Well it’s the most wonderful time of the year again.


The non runners in your life may be wondering what to buy for you, so I’ve wrote this quick guide for you to pass to them.

Socks – seriously we runners love socks. Don’t believe me? I dare you to enter any of the numerous Facebook running groups and ask “what are the best running socks?” Go on I double dare you 😉

A race entry – this one will go down a treat, all runners love races but be careful, it’s best to stipulate exactly how much you want to spend otherwise we WILL enter the marathon des sables (A four thousand pound race in the Sahara!)

A shoe voucher – we go through shoes like nobody’s business, Imelda Marcos has nothing on your average runner. Never though I repeat NEVER just buy a runner some shoes, that’s a rabbit hole you don’t want to enter. Minimal, maximal, barefoot, race shoe, trail shoe, wet Tuesdays only shoe,the list is endless! A voucher never offends!

Tennis balls – No, not to get them to take up a new sport or a Career as a cliff Richard impersonator. We runners LOVE tennis balls. We even sometimes sit on them! (trust me you wouldn’t understand!)

A free training pass – If you want to be extra thoughtful (or just a tight git) you can print the runner in your life some vouchers to cash in with you whenever they like. IKEA on a Sunday afternoon you say? Sorry love here is a voucher I’m going playing in the hills!

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