A Bloke walks into a Pub

No It’s not the start of a crap joke…….


Last week I had a lovely family mini break in the Lake District. During the break I was speaking to my Cousin at the bar,and he asked me a question I hadn’t really thought of before.

Why do people pay you to coach them? what are they getting over simply joining the running club?

This got me thinking,it may seem obvious to me but it’s only simple if you know the answer right?

The main difference is personalisation. In my position as a volunteer club coach I have around 130 members (30/40 per session) .While I would love to give each and every one a personal plan, I am only there three/four hours per week and it would simply become a full-time job!

That being said I love my club and my phone never stops with members asking for tips and advice,which they all get for free at anytime of the day or night. You can go a long long way using this method,be it with me at my club or any of the other thousands of Athletic clubs across the UK.

But what happens if you can’t make the session? ,shift worker? or busy parent? You may be training for something specific,a multi day ultramarathon or a specific time in a certain race where two group sessions just won’t cut it.

As a private client your plan is simply that,yours. No two plans look the same.Can’t train Monday, Tuesday? Only able to train in the afternoons? That isn’t a problem with a private coach,I update my athletes training weekly so we both always know what you are supposed to be doing and if sessions need moving around it’s no issue.

A private coach is not for everyone,I know many great runners who have no coach at all and many others who have had fantastic results just by listening to the club coach.But if you want that little bit of a personal touch or just don’t want to do the whole club thing this is where a Private coach can shine,trust me knowing you have to be accountable to someone makes you think twice about skipping a session ;).


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