A Day Late and A Dollar Short

Not really much to say about last week’s training. It was a week of missed sessions, phantom injuries and rubbish excuses!

I had to skip my Tuesday gym session due to waking up with shoulder pain, I must of either slept in a strange position or doing one armed pull ups in my sleep!

I skipped Wednesdays session and instead of a speedwork session Thursday I opted for the easy option and did a steady 10k.

Saturday was cross country and as soon as I started my body refused to respond,HR through the roof, my legs felt heavy and my chest felt like it had been swapped with an asthmatic hamster! It may of been due to the lack of training, I may be coming down with something (or it could be the several pints I had at a presentation evening Friday!).

Sunday’s run club was postponed this week due to working at the clubs half marathon. By the time I got away I just didn’t have the energy to run so sulked on my bike for an hour!

If I was a teacher writing a school report it would state…..

“Ian has some talent but must try harder!”

Pretty much how this week went!

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