Another One Bites The Dust

Week that is.

Can you believe it’s almost mid November? The Coke advert is on TV and i spotted my first set of xmas lights on Tuesday (THE BLOODY 6TH NOVEMBER!!)

I have managed to get five training sessions in this week,four runs and one gym session.

Training has gone well,i’ve felt really strong and although I missed thursdays session (we went out for tea).I feel i could of done more if the plan required.

Saturday was XC time and despite having to work Sat morning I was raring to go,I love XC and regardless of the weather it’s never a chore,I feel like a kid again splashing in the mud!


The course was pretty dry this year compared to normal!

Planned vs actual

Mon– club session complete (10k easy)

Tues-Gym Complete (Squats ,deadlift and basic bodyweight mobility work).

Wed – 8 miles tempo complete (ish) decided to do some fartlecking (fnar) instead of a tempo run. 8.5 miles complete

Thurs – Time Pyramid Incomplete Mrs W suggested a curry for tea so I wagged this session.

Fri – Rest complete. (One session I never miss!).

Sat- Bolton XC Complete Ran Hard but controlled (I blew up big time on this course last year). Felt good and finished two minutes quicker than last year.

Sun – Long run Complete (ish) I had 13 miles planned but as most of the sunday club raced yesterday,legs were heavy so 10 miles and a maccies breakfast was the prescription.

Total mileage– 33

15 Weeks to go…..

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