Back In The Saddle Again

It has been three weeks since The Yorkshire Marathon and I decided to take a little recovery time,in part because I was knackered and partly to try and get to the source of this Plantar fasciitis that has been niggling me for months!

I haven’t been completely bone idle,i’ve been running albeit not much. I took part in my first XC race of the season which 6 days after Yorkshire was not my wisest move!

I have also been back in the gym doing some strength and conditioning ,something I neglect as i’m sure most of you do too!

This last week i have began to be a little more structured and have now added a whiteboard in my kitchen which i write all my sessions for the next week. My wife then checks them off as and when I do them. Accountability works both ways ,I have got very good at dishing out plans but not very good at following them!

I coach my wife so i’m sure she is loving being the boss of my training (as well as normal life ;)).


I would make a fantastic GP with my handwriting!

Planned vs actual

Mon– club session complete (10k easy)

Tues-Gym Complete (Squats ,deadlift and basic bodyweight mobility work).

Wed – Run commute Incomplete (Too lazy to get up early so ran an easy four miles after work and joined in with the track session, 5×3 mins with club).

Thurs – 5×3 mins Incomplete (Did session yesterday so did an easy 4 miles instead).

Fri – Rest complete. (One session i never miss!).

Sat- 60 mins hard Incomplete (Dodged session to go for a hike on the moors with my wife,life isn’t always about training)

Sun – Long run Complete (Never a chore with the Sunday run club gang,this week we found out one of us hadn’t seen fight club,the Wachowski  brothers are now sisters and another one of us had won a parkrace the day before! all high brow conversations!)


Total Mileage – 29 miles


16 weeks to go before Chester Ultra 50………

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