A Day Late and A Dollar Short

Not really much to say about last week’s training. It was a week of missed sessions, phantom injuries and rubbish excuses!

I had to skip my Tuesday gym session due to waking up with shoulder pain, I must of either slept in a strange position or doing one armed pull ups in my sleep!

I skipped Wednesdays session and instead of a speedwork session Thursday I opted for the easy option and did a steady 10k.

Saturday was cross country and as soon as I started my body refused to respond,HR through the roof, my legs felt heavy and my chest felt like it had been swapped with an asthmatic hamster! It may of been due to the lack of training, I may be coming down with something (or it could be the several pints I had at a presentation evening Friday!).

Sunday’s run club was postponed this week due to working at the clubs half marathon. By the time I got away I just didn’t have the energy to run so sulked on my bike for an hour!

If I was a teacher writing a school report it would state…..

“Ian has some talent but must try harder!”

Pretty much how this week went!

Another One Bites The Dust

Week that is.

Can you believe it’s almost mid November? The Coke advert is on TV and i spotted my first set of xmas lights on Tuesday (THE BLOODY 6TH NOVEMBER!!)

I have managed to get five training sessions in this week,four runs and one gym session.

Training has gone well,i’ve felt really strong and although I missed thursdays session (we went out for tea).I feel i could of done more if the plan required.

Saturday was XC time and despite having to work Sat morning I was raring to go,I love XC and regardless of the weather it’s never a chore,I feel like a kid again splashing in the mud!


The course was pretty dry this year compared to normal!

Planned vs actual

Mon– club session complete (10k easy)

Tues-Gym Complete (Squats ,deadlift and basic bodyweight mobility work).

Wed – 8 miles tempo complete (ish) decided to do some fartlecking (fnar) instead of a tempo run. 8.5 miles complete

Thurs – Time Pyramid Incomplete Mrs W suggested a curry for tea so I wagged this session.

Fri – Rest complete. (One session I never miss!).

Sat- Bolton XC Complete Ran Hard but controlled (I blew up big time on this course last year). Felt good and finished two minutes quicker than last year.

Sun – Long run Complete (ish) I had 13 miles planned but as most of the sunday club raced yesterday,legs were heavy so 10 miles and a maccies breakfast was the prescription.

Total mileage– 33

15 Weeks to go…..

Back In The Saddle Again

It has been three weeks since The Yorkshire Marathon and I decided to take a little recovery time,in part because I was knackered and partly to try and get to the source of this Plantar fasciitis that has been niggling me for months!

I haven’t been completely bone idle,i’ve been running albeit not much. I took part in my first XC race of the season which 6 days after Yorkshire was not my wisest move!

I have also been back in the gym doing some strength and conditioning ,something I neglect as i’m sure most of you do too!

This last week i have began to be a little more structured and have now added a whiteboard in my kitchen which i write all my sessions for the next week. My wife then checks them off as and when I do them. Accountability works both ways ,I have got very good at dishing out plans but not very good at following them!

I coach my wife so i’m sure she is loving being the boss of my training (as well as normal life ;)).


I would make a fantastic GP with my handwriting!

Planned vs actual

Mon– club session complete (10k easy)

Tues-Gym Complete (Squats ,deadlift and basic bodyweight mobility work).

Wed – Run commute Incomplete (Too lazy to get up early so ran an easy four miles after work and joined in with the track session, 5×3 mins with club).

Thurs – 5×3 mins Incomplete (Did session yesterday so did an easy 4 miles instead).

Fri – Rest complete. (One session i never miss!).

Sat- 60 mins hard Incomplete (Dodged session to go for a hike on the moors with my wife,life isn’t always about training)

Sun – Long run Complete (Never a chore with the Sunday run club gang,this week we found out one of us hadn’t seen fight club,the Wachowski  brothers are now sisters and another one of us had won a parkrace the day before! all high brow conversations!)


Total Mileage – 29 miles


16 weeks to go before Chester Ultra 50………