Lakeland Double or Bust?

Now i’ve done some stupid things in my life. As a child i made a rope swing with my mates out of a garden hose which snapped on the second swing knocking me unconscious,my mates thought i was dead! Also not long ago i made my wife a lovely chilli,after dicing fresh chillies i went to the loo without washing my hands thus setting ‘little Ian’ on fire. The pain was that bad i had to bathe him in a glass of milk much to my wife’s amusement! (she would say shot glass ,i say pint glass but who knows!).

But this morning i may of just gone and done my daftest thing to date . I entered the Lakeland 100. For those who don’t know I ran the lakeland 50 in July and it nearly broke me (you can read about it Here).

I almost didn’t get in,the servers crashed just as i hit payment (Lakeland sells out in minutes) and i was resigned to the fact that i may of escaped my stupidity, but on reboot i managed to get all paid up.



The lakeland 100 is actually 105 miles and is widely regarded as one of Europe’s toughest events so not something to be taken lightly! I apologise in advance for the boring lakeland talk to come 😉


Now………….Poles or no Poles 😉

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