Project 2.50 or bust.

So its is a little under 10 weeks before the Yorkshire marathon. I haven’t ran a hard road marathon since last spring where i raced three in 8 weeks (Manchester,London and Liverpool). it isn’t clever and i wouldn’t recommend it.

This year has been all about Lakeland 50 really and now that’s over i can try and inject some pace back into my legs.

I’m a big fan of sometimes shooting high and seeing what happens so this is where Project 2.50 has been born. My current PB is 2.59.27 from Manchester last year (yes it was the full course 😉 ) Can i find 9 mins 33 seconds? will my legs fall off? will i get bored and eat all the cakes? who knows but it will be fun finding out.

I need to average 6.29 min/miles for the marathon distance and presently i think i would struggle with 5k at that pace,good start eh!

Here goes nothing…………

You can follow my progress on strava HERE on this blog or on my facebook and instagram pages.

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