Lakeland 50 – The Game Plan

So it’s 5 more sleeps till the big dance in the lake district, to say I’m excited is probably an understatement. This race has been on my bucket list for a few years it sells out quicker than Glastonbury! (it sold out in about 11 mins this year).Luckily I was quickest to the buzzer this time!

My game plan is as follows

A Goal – beat my Chester ultra time of 8.31. while this may be unreachable due to the amount of climb and lakeland terrain but it certainly won’t be the mud bath we had at Chester and I will be wearing the correct shoes!

B Goal – sub 9 hours, I really believe this is possible, I will just need to keep on moving and not waste any time at the aid stations (just 5 mins at each will add half an hour!)

C Goal – survive! If it all goes a bit Pete tong then I’m just going to enjoy the ride and grind it out to the finish.

My race plan for all three goals will be the same, run to heart rate and see how it goes, I want to stay way below my lactate threshold for the first 30 miles and then after that see it’s all or nothing!

I also need to EAT something, I struggled with this at Chester and the last few miles I had simply ran out of energy, I will be using tailwind and gels again as that works well for me but I am also going to try and stuff something in my face at every aid station ( I can be a bit of a stubborn git when it comes to eating during races).

If you enjoy dot watching I will also have a tracker but I won’t have a direct link till maybe Friday evening, I will share this over on my Facebook and twitter accounts.

Its all getting a bit real now!

wish me luck!