Blackpool Festival 10k

This was a last minute sign up ,my wife had entered it as her first 10k race and instead of being the nice husband i should be and cheering her on and taking pics for a change (you can find my wife’s pics HERE ), I decided to sign up myself and see where i was at.

Now im Not in PB shape,a winter of long runs and back to back training runs in prep for Chester Ultra had scuppered any leg turnover i had,but my plan was to hit is as a really hard training session in prep for the Three peaks next weekend.

We both entered the illumination 5k in August by the same company Fylde Coast Runners and loved it so we knew to expect a slick operation on race morning.

Collecting race numbers couldn’t of been easier,i think we waited less than 60 seconds! loos were plenty,as well as the public loos around the seafront they had also hired a load of portaloos,as with any event with 500+ runners the closer to start they got a little busy but no biggy.

A couple of our teammates Pete and Chris were also taking part and after the mandatory pre race photo,i set off for a warm up.



Not quite sure why i’m grinning like the village idiot!


I knew from a couple of minutes into my warm up that today would be tough,i was sweating at what should be an easy pace.The heat has come out of nowhere this week and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky,just our luck!

Just before the off there was plenty of pre race banter With Chris who was aiming for a similar run out to me and albeit being a bit sweaty i felt relaxed and ready to go.

Little did i know i was stood next to the chap with the starting pistol,and as it fired i nearly fainted!

The first mile was fast,front three gents flew off and there was no way i was going with them,Chris was sat in front of me and the gap was lengthening so i had to dig in to keep up,by 2k we had re grouped and settled into a steady rhythm but i was already sweating buckets!

The course is pretty flat,going out on the beach walkway and back along the Promenade which is a slight incline but nothing to worry about really.

5k arrived and the water station,now normally i would run straight past a water station on a 10k race but i needed to cool down and fast.I grabbed a bottle but couldn’t force myself to swallow any without choking so i had to just empty the lot over my head,soaking my vest through which managed to cool me down slightly but i was still bloody parched!

The Turn around point was just after 3.5 miles and a quick glance behind i noticed there was a sliver of daylight between Chris and myself although the lad can close fast so i wasnt counting my chickens just yet!

The next runner was maybe 100 meters in front and i thought i had the legs to close him down,upon catching him up and getting ready for the overtake,i folded in half!

I’m not sure if it was a fly,a sniper or overworking from the heat but i projectile vomited all over the promenade (sorry Blackpool) to make matters worse i looked behind and a black and yellow Chris shaped rocket was closing me down with another two runners !

I had two options ,give up or pull my big boy pants on and slog it out for another 1k,i set back off again and must of looked like a drunk,managed to get back into something that resembled running, constantly waiting for the slap on the arse from Chris (it’s an unofficial club tradition with the boys to slap each other on the arse of you overtake someone in a race ,both highly frustrating and hilarious!)

Luckily for me and my ego,no slap came! i didn’t manage to catch the guy on front he was just too good but i crossed the line in 37.57.32 for 5th pace ,only 40 seconds outside my PB from Wilmslow Festive 10 K last year.

I quickly spun round to see Chris pull out an amazing sprint finish to grab 8th place by 0.7 of a second! i told you he could shift and that’s why i was nervous of him being behind me so close to the finish!

Next home was Pete who ran a great race in 56.14.Followed by my wife ,who despite being nervous this morning (she hates the heat even more than me) ran a very respectable 63.03! a great effort for her first official 10k and a great benchmark for the season!


Post race snap,Deb made me put my sweaty vest back on as i was scaring the seagulls!


I was very impressed with the New Balance RC 1400 v5s and after putting a couple of sessions in and a race i could have a contender for new race shoe!

Now it’s easy running and rest before the 3 peaks next Saturday!

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