This Week In Running #6

Three weeks to go!!

Three weeks yesterday will see me take on the 3 Peaks Race  and i really can’t wait!

This week saw me get back on the fells for the Wardle skyline race , a brilliant local event put on by Rochdale Harriers. Rochdale always put on a great event and although i hadnt ran wardle before i knew i wouldn’t be disappointed!

We had a great turnout from club with 14 members showing up,considering its manchester and london marathons upcoming this was superb!


Sunday i stepped onto the other side of the Barrier and supported my club mates at the Greater Manchester marathon,it was great to see so many runners running for individual challenges be that sub 3, raising money for charity of just so they can say ‘hey i did it!!’

My plan was to do my long run when i got home but i had a bloody nightmare and ended up locking my car keys in my car with the engine running!! cue an hour of door bending and swearing in the middle of asda carpark!

Screenshot 2018-04-08 at 19.51.32

8 Miles down on last week but i’m not to concerned as long as i can get a high week in next.


Running highlight of the week

Has to be getting back on the fells for Wardle skyline,after slipping and kneeing myself in the stomach (don’t ask) i thought my race was over but i managed to grind it out for 2nd club counter.

Screenshot 2018-04-08 at 19.55.03FB_IMG_1523134664460


Non running highlight of the week

Has to be the kindness of strangers.

As mentioned i locked my keys in my car this afternoon,even worse they were in the ignition and the engine was running!!!. Along came a lady who spotted me ripping out my hair ,phoned her fella and between them managed to get the Passenger door open with minimal damage ( i was going to smash the window!). They saved me a call to a locksmith and no doubt a massive bill!


See you next week!



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