This Week In Running #5

Well i hope your are all enjoying your Easter eggs and like me a lovely four day break from work!

This week was meant to be a return to full training,this did not go exactly to plan…..

I woke on Monday for work as usual and just felt rubbish,i suffer with hayfever and put it down to that.Unfortunately as the week progressed it was clear i had been hit with the dreaded man flu….


After monday’s training i just felt rubbish ,red hot,runny nose and sore throat everything an aspiring runner needs.

I have read a few reports that as long as you only have a cold and it isn’t on your chest running can actually help speed up the recovery process due to the bodies natural decongestant process kicking in during exercise. Please don’t ever run with the Flu you could end up in serious trouble!!

Luckily it hadn’t dropped to my chest so instead of total rest i could still train albeit at a lower intensity. I had planned to run the Rivington Pike fell race on saturday but after an easy parkrun with my wife Sat AM i decided i just didn’t feel well enough for the intensity of the climb!

A week of easy running seems to have done the trick while still not 100% i no longer feel like a cast member from night of the living dead!

Screenshot 2018-04-01 at 19.28.52


Running highlight of the week

Simply managing to get out and hit my 40 mile weekly goal,it wasn’t pretty but its now done and with only having four weeks to go before the three peaks fell race i cant afford to lapse in my training.

Non running highlight of the week

While not strictly ‘non running’ it isn’t my running so i’ve put it in. I really enjoyed the short documentary on ultrarunner,Dag ‘The most elusive man in history’ It’s only 14 mins long so give it a watch.


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