This week in running #3

This week is brought to you by the Letter R


This week has all been about recovery,although my legs felt ok i have purposely taken a week of real easy work just to have a reset mentally as well as physically.

Thursday i visited my sports therapist to have some work on a plantar fasciitis issue i’ve had for a couple of weeks…..HOLY SHIT!! it hurt like a mother f@@@@. I tried to continue conversation with her but at certain points i was convinced i was going to faint!

Plus side is no more pain so that’s all good .

Running highlight of the week-

While technically not me as im resting but today i went to support my wife at the Wigan 5k her goal was a sub 30 minute. We have had a mini ice blast here and many events had been cancelled,but on a windy and freezing  course she clocked 28.20 !!

Non running highlight of the week-

The company behind Chester ultra had been let down at the last minute with our medals and had to replace 250 with trophies at probably a great cost for quick turnaround! The Medals have now arrived and instead of keeping them for next years event they are being posted out to all competitors. While i’m not too fussed about a medal the thought and care that the GB ultra team put in is exemplary, a welcome relief to a sport that is being overrun with £40 5ks and virtual medals!


I promise to have some training worth writing about for you next week!

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