It’s snow joke

As some are aware I coach at my local running club Radcliffe AC.

Unfortunately I have had to cancel tonight’s club training sessions.

The ‘Beast from the East’ has descended and while it hasn’t quite brought the armageddon promised,it has left us with ice patches that could make training dangerous.

But don’t despair, if like us your club or run group has cancelled here are some things you can do.

Get off road

Trails are double the fun in the snow, I love nothing more than pretending my local fells are Narnia. If you are going to get off-road then don’t go alone if at all possible, let others know where you are going and carry some kit with you in case of emergency. (FRA guidelines are a good starting point).

Get on the tread mill – I know most people hate the dreadmill I myself am no big fan but they are sometimes a necessary evil. My training session tonight will actually be on one in my local gym. While it is possible to program treadmills to do a multitude of different programs I usually just stick it on a 1% incline and use it as an easy session. (steady heart rate and zone out to my ipod).

Get cross training- Simply can’t bring yourself to use the treadmill? Get on a static bike, spin classes are an amazing workout! Go for a swim or even do a circuit session, plenty of which can be found for free online and some you can do at home with no weights!

Get working that core- We have all heard the word but do we ever do anything about it? I know I don’t do nearly as much as I should as I would rather be running! I’m not asking for 1000 sit ups, something as simple as a front plank /side plank /wall sits repeated a few times while you are watching Coronation Street can see improvement.

Get stretching – Another often neglected which you could do from the comfort of your own home is a simple stretch routine, there are hundreds to choose from on YouTube (Try kinetic revolution). If you still want the group training aspect, get down to a yoga class. Yoga works wonders for runners!

Get your feet up- As I put on my Instagram page yesterday, rest days should be an important part of any training plan, we only adapt to the stresses of training when we give the body chance to recover. So why not use your cancelled session to relax and unwind? Spend the hour you would be training listening to your favourite album, taking a long hot bath and reading a book or catching up on some TV you have recorded?

A cancelled session doesn’t have to be a disaster, one missed session won’t make you a bad runner any more than one good session will make you a great one.

And if all else fails get outside and build a bloody big snowman!

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