Its Taper Time


So the hard work is all done,The long runs are complete,No more double weekend running and no more dry runs with Full race day kit on my back.

I am now less than two weeks away from the Chester Ultra 52 miles and my biggest challenge to date.I can do no more to prepare,i just have to trust the training and try not to swear too much at the ducks on the final 10k stretch of canal!

The map is marked with my trusty highlighter,nutrition plan is in place and i have finally decided on shoe choice (as long as it isn’t too hot/wet/windy/cold).

The next twelve days will be spent stretching,resting and running a reduced mileage.It will also be spent trying to stay away from the fridge to avoid putting back on all the weight i have lost since Oct last year!

Excitement is rising now and i can’t wait until 6am on March 10th (Although by 2pm march 10 i should be finished with a beer in my hand and that may seem like a much better place when i get to mile 45!)

Just follow the yellow highlighter brick road 😉



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