Pete Bland socks review

The ultimate run sock?

Socks, you know the really crap present you used to get every xmas from that Aunt you never see? Well I bet she would be your favourite family member if she had popped to Pete Blands!

Pete Bland is a pretty famous name in the lake district,as well as running one of the UK’s best running shops he was also a top notch runner in his day. You can read about Pete HERE.

So what has this got to do with socks???


I got told about these socks at a fell race one day after complaining of yet another blister and honestly i have never been so pleased with a piece of clothing !

Socks may seem insignificant to a runner but bar your shoes,socks are the only thing that that protect you most important tools – Your feet!

I wear these for everything 5k,fell races road marathons and ultras (The pair in the pic are being saved for Chester Ultra in march!)

They are mainly wool based with merino pads on the heel and balls of the feet for extra cushioning.Please be careful washing as they dont like tumble dryers!

The RRP for these socks are £10 but they always seem to be on sale for a fiver when i need them! BUY HERE.

If James Bond was into running i bet he would wear these beauties !

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