It’s snow joke

As some are aware I coach at my local running club Radcliffe AC.

Unfortunately I have had to cancel tonight’s club training sessions.

The ‘Beast from the East’ has descended and while it hasn’t quite brought the armageddon promised,it has left us with ice patches that could make training dangerous.

But don’t despair, if like us your club or run group has cancelled here are some things you can do. Read more

Its Taper Time


So the hard work is all done,The long runs are complete,No more double weekend running and no more dry runs with Full race day kit on my back.

I am now less than two weeks away from the Chester Ultra 52 miles and my biggest challenge to date.I can do no more to prepare,i just have to trust the training and try not to swear too much at the ducks on the final 10k stretch of canal! Read more

Pete Bland socks review

The ultimate run sock?

Socks, you know the really crap present you used to get every xmas from that Aunt you never see? Well I bet she would be your favourite family member if she had popped to Pete Blands!

Pete Bland is a pretty famous name in the lake district,as well as running one of the UK’s best running shops he was also a top notch runner in his day. You can read about Pete HERE.

So what has this got to do with socks??? Read more

When did marathons become training sessions?

We are now T minus 3 weeks away from The Chester Ultra and last friday was my last and longest long run……50k or 31 miles in old money.

I had it planned for early morning Sat and watching the weather during the week i did not like what i was seeing, ice,sleet and or heavy rain all day!

Luckily my Boss was a runner in his youth and decided (after explaining my plan and the bribery of a latte) that i could clock off on friday lunchtime.

Friday was almost perfect weather wise, the sun was out but not to hot,a slight breeze and DRY.

I had already planned my route several times during the week,and decided on running a large section of the Rochdale canal as on race day the final 10k is all canal. Read more