End of Year review

Today was my last race of the year (funny that as its Dec 31st!). I travelled up to Clitheroe for the Ribble valley 10k,things did not go according to plan………..

First mile went well although i started a little further back then i should of after mis- judging where the actual start line was! I ended up weaving a fair bit to get round runners,trod in a puddle,although the puddle was a bloody great hole and a rolled my ankle ,i rolled the same one and XC earlier in the year and panicked (read spat my dummy out),turned round ripped my number off and started to limp back to start.

My wife was taking pics a few minutes away from where i went over and after reaching her and having a right royal moan and a toddler tantrum she asked me what i wanted to do.I noticed all the other runners trying their hardest running past,clubmates asking if i was ok and i felt a little bit of a fraud,the ankle was sore but not as bad as i first thought.I slowly pinned my ripped number back on and told her i would see her at the finish. The next five miles are a mix of pain and rage,i was so angry with myself for taking silly risks,no one needs to make stupid moves one mile into a 10k and my reward for such foolishness? my slowest ever 10k since i began racing! but hey at least it wasn’t a DNF!

The only upside was seeing my teammates and friends having much better luck thani,with a couple grabbing P.B’S to end their Year!


Can anyone spot the trip 😉


Anyway that’s the end of 2017,a year filled with massive ups and crashing downs,I ran my first (and only) sub 3 at Manchester marathon,ran London and Liverpool marathons and then spent most of the summer battling the injuries that came with Three Marathons in 8 weeks. I ran for the first time on the proper fells in the lakes including an absolutely fantastic club roadtrip to run the grisedale horseshoe


At the end of summer i ran the amazing Peak skyline and if i had not entered Lakeland 50 i would be back there again in 2018!

I also grabbed a 9th place at the Pendle half marathon which shall we say was ‘undulating’ My teammate Neal Emmerson took the win that day by five minutes!

Winter gifted me a 10k PB at Wilmslow and at the Stockport 10 miler so the Good has more than outweighed the bad!

1191 total miles has left me well short of my 1500 goal but ive had fun along the way.

Im hoping for a little more consistency next year and to FINALLY bullet proof my bloody left calf!


But for now i’m going to sample a decent single malt or maybe five!


See you on the other side !

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