Spring has Sprung

Its March, i’m stood in Chester in the form of my life and i’m ready to attack the Chester 52 mile ultramarathon,The sun is shining,the birds are tweeting and all is well in the world…………..

Well not really and in the words of the great Craig David let’s ‘Re-ee-wind’………

It’s actually a bloody cold night in December and i’ve got Eleven weeks to go before my biggest race to date. i’m already over christmas,the mountains of food ,gallons of beer and my nans gift of socks (I lie my nan is pretty cool and usually gets me a nice bottle of whiskey).

Visualisation can play a big part in your race buildup,especially over longer distances.All too often we give up before we are ready ,I especially have been a victim of this more than once and in playing race day through my head a hundred different times i’m hoping for this event i will be a little bit better prepared Mentally than i have been in the past.

All my training for Chester ultra is being logged on a google sheet and for those interested it can be viewed here Training.My plan is not set in stone and like any good plan it is open to changes,missed sessions extra rest days etc etc.Plans should be just that,not a ball and chain around your neck that makes you hate running!

Now don’t get me wrong just imagining a good race does not mean you will run one,if that was the case we could all just imagine being a billionaire and pay someone else to run for us!

Training will be tough,winter in England is not pretty although there is something to running these winter miles that make the three sunny days a year we have a bit special!

I currently Have two weeks off work and bar the big day itself i intend to do some form of training be it running or cross train rather than sit on my backside watching reruns of only fools and horses and eating celebrations!

Whatever your plans for the Festive period,have a very merry Christmas and enjoy the miles!


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