Wilmslow Festive 10 K

Its Sunday morning, 5.45 A.M. , its chucking it down outside and im up and shoving Porridge in my still half asleep face.

Read the above as ‘yay its raceday!’

After a drive over to Wilmslow (i was kindly chauffeured by clubmate Mike).We found a parking space by the finish. The course was a strange one as instead of a loop it was more of a C,so there was a good 1k jog from the car to race HQ and god was it cold. Fortunately the Race HQ is in the local sports hall so we could shelter in the warmth for a little while.

The Course



There was a few of us from Radcliffe A.C. running today and its always great to see clubmates before a race but before i knew it it was showtime.

If i’m honest i wasn’t expecting much as i was still not over my bloody cold (day 12 now) and i had somewhat overdone it at a club presentation on friday night ( I can still taste the sambuca!) Talking to Mike on the way up the plan was to test out the first mile and then go from there,if i could get near 38 mins i would be happy enough.

As the gun went and the usual stampede thinned out i just had a feeling today could be a good day as 6 min miling felt gooood !!!

The course is great a good mix of country lanes and little pockets of support, before i knew it the 5k marker was looming ahead. Kilometer 8 had the only real hill in the race and i knew that this was where my training/illness/drunkenness may let me down,luckily i just turned it down a little and carried on hanging to the back of my pack.

At this point i checked my watch and noticed i could be on for a P.B. but i was hurting now the legs had started to cramp and my lungs were burning. I really dislike 10k as if you go out hard it’s a bloody sufferfest home!

One more bend and the 400m to go sign magically appeared, filling me with memories of wed night 8×400 track session ! i could see the clock ticking in the distance and i knew if i had any chance i needed to pull my big boy pants up and just grin and bear it just a little longer.

I crossed the line in 37.17 a 16 second P.B. but immediately thought if only i had run 18 seconds faster , runners eh!

Really happy with today especially after a crappy XC last week. I would really recommend the race. Course, organisation,marshals and goody bag were all top notch.

Become a Loser

No i haven’t locked myself in my  bedroom and started listening to Morrissey on repeat, I’m talking about becoming a loser in a positive way (is that even english?).


  • Lose the Ego

You dont always have to be the first home on the training run or pull out one more rep than everyone else on that hill.We are all chasing different goals and is pushing past your limits every session really worth it? Save it for race day!

  • Lose the self Doubt

‘I cant do that’

‘It’s too hard’

‘I will never be that fast’

Sound familiar? There really is no magic bullet in running,it’s just consistent sensible training. Having a negative mindset is a real issue with so many Athletes (myself included) The mind gives up well before the body in every single one of us. Remember you dont have to be the best ever,you only have to be the best you on that day.

  • Lose the Obsession with GPS

Yes we all wear them (I currently own a Garmin Fenix 3 and never take it off!) But we are all far too obsessed with Avg splits, cadence , HRM ,ground contact, vertical ratio (WTF) the list goes on.

If you set for example pace limits in a 10k what happens if you feel really good running at that pace,You can’t possibly push on can you just incase your watch blows up on your wrist! its better to use these devices as a GUIDE, they are great training tools but in races i only ever have mine on time of day with lap pacing popping up every mile.Stop staring and start running!


  • Lose the Limits

The only thing stopping you from your goal is you. Im obviously talking realistically,if your goal is to fly or to beat me to the last ferrero rocher you are out of luck!

Pick your goals sensibly ,Train smart and reap the rewards of a job well done