The Thrill of the Pace 

This weekend I joined the Bury 10k pacing team. This was a new experience for me but having used pacing guys in races before and realising how invaluable they were for me  I wanted to pass that back to the running community.

I decided to take the 40 minute pacer role as although not my PB it could still  be a decent training run at the same time.
I arrived at the race village around an hour before the start to collect my pacing flag, this thing was bloody huge, I was a little daunted as I hadn’t ran with it but to my surprise it weighed next to nothing. 
Ready to go 

On the start line the usual nervous banter flowed and I had a good chat with a couple of my team mates and runners who fancied a pop at the elusive sub 40 10k.

With only a couple of minute’s delay the starting hooter blew and off I trotted like a bearded pied piper. Having ran this race last year and living on the route I know it pretty well and knew with the slight downhill start we needed to bank a little time to counter the slight uphill return to the finish.

The first few ks absolutely flew by and I felt really good chatting with other runners (who probably didn’t want my monotonous tones ruining a lovely Sunday morning race).

My teammate and friend has been chasing a 10k for a while and took a gamble by listening to my advice of holding back and not setting off far too fast and as planned stayed by my side to 4k and then pushed on looking strong and determined!

The final 4k are a gradual incline and I had a group of 5/6 guys around me who I knew as long as they didn’t try anything silly they would hit their goal, I pointed out that we were going to be running past my house but no one really seemed that impressed!

With 1k to go I checked my watch and with 36 minutes gone I knew we had it and explained to the lads that if they had anything left to push on and really finish strong, on hitting the final straight I could see the finish line and the clock ticking away………..

I crossed the line in 39.59 and recieved a few sweaty hugs and firm handshakes thanking me for helping them achieved PB’s, I felt like the king of the world!

I grabbed my goody bag, dropped off my pacing flag (I wanted to keep that tbh). After a quick massage from my sports therapist who was working at the event I went to meet my wife to cheer the 25 clubmates we had running over the finish line, most of whom hit PB’s so it was an all round great day for our club! 

Races always need pacers and if you haven’t done it yet, volunteer it a great experience!

Oh my teammate who rudely left me behind at 4k, how did he do you say?…….. 

Well he smashed his goal and  came in at 39.09!! 

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