Lakeland 50 is happening!!

 The man from Del Monte (well Coniston) he say Yes!




For those of you that haven’t heard, The lakeland 100 and 50 mile event happen on the last weekend in July in the glorious Lake district.The 100 is a circular loop starting and ending in coniston,while the 50 starts at Dalemain.

In the uk ultra scene this event is BIG not just in ascent but popularity almost to london marathon levels for road runners,it sells out fast……….8 minutes kind of fast! and with 2018 being the 11th running,i can only see it getting more popular!

So friday morning at 9.00 A.M i was ready,computer fired up,debit card in hand………………

AND after a few page freezes and refusal to accept payment i grabbed my golden ticket!!


golden ti

After the decision earlier this week to pull out of Snowdonia (more on that another day), i needed a pick me up and this certainly put my mood in a more positive place!


The next 10 months cant pass quickly enough!

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