XC season is fast approaching! 

The mud awaits you!cross country mud


XC or cross country for those who are not in the know is a team racing event over the autumn /winter period in the UK. USA I’ve seen your XC and I can only dream of those lovely manicured trails ;-).

For most British runners the first time we did XC was at school when the P. E teacher hated every single one of us and made us run laps of fields and woods in the piss pouring rain avoiding stray dogs and the cool kids having a crafty fag in the bushes.

Not really selling this am I? 

Now fast forward some years (more than I can comprehend tbh, in my head I’m still 18!), XC should be part of the building blocks for your spring season, be it marathon, 10k or 5k.

It’s muddy, it’s often wet and cold and there are some unbelievably fast lads and ladies competing against you ….


  • It will build strength like you won’t believe, nothing builds leg strength like wading through mud UPHILL!
  • It builds camaraderie (when you are freezing and covered in mud there is nothing else to do but take the piss out of your team mates).
  • After a full season of xc you will hit the spring road season leaner, stronger and faster (Xmas pudding excess withstanding).
  • You will become an expert in Gazebo construction in gale force winds.


A few tips for XC. 

  1. Buy some spikes or fell shoes (trail shoes or your old school pumps won’t cut it). 
  2. Set off SLOWLY, road times count for nothing in the mud, let those racing snakes head off like rockets.
  3. Bring some warm dry clothes for afterwards, you will feel a million dollars.
  4. Support your team, turn up early for the ladies race /stay later for the mens. Make a day of it.
  5. Most importantly get a cool picture to add to Facebook so all your friends know you are a badass/ little mental

Just look at how much fun I’m having…..

rossy xc

See you in the fields!

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