Five training tips 


Running isn’t as mystical or as difficult as some would have you believe, here are some of my favourite tips .

1. Be consistent

Many of my coached runners ask me how to get faster, I always tell them it isn’t magic. You don’t have to hire a wizard or rub a magic lamp, you just have to be consistent! Just getting outside and running will see you better than changing training plans every two days!


Here is a very simple schedule…

Three runs a week (every week)

One speed or hill session

One EASY run

One long run

will see big improvements for most beginner runners.

2.Keep a diary 

Keeping a diary used to be a staple of all runners everywhere. Keeping a diary helps you and your coach look over your training and see what could be tweaked. It doesn’t have to be too technical, just something simple like……

Distance of run 




How you felt. 

If your training starts to stagnate a little having a diary is a great way to look back and find the culprit. Feeling under the weather? rubbish nights sleep?, heavy training week? It’s easier to have it wrote down than trying to remember.

And no strava is not a training diary!

3.Ask questions

From everyone, about everything. Read books, listen to podcasts, read blogs or text your coach at 10.30 pm while he is trying to watch a re-run of father Ted.

Knowledge is key, understanding how to train is half the battle of a decent training cycle.

And remember nobody has all the answers to all the questions, we are all still learning everyday.

4.Rub yourself

Now now you at the back giggling, I’m talking foam rolling! Buy one, befriend it and give it a name.

learning how to effectively self massage and stretch can have a  massive benefit to your training. There are literally hundreds of vids on YouTube teaching you how to stretch and foam roll.

5.Don’t sweat the small stuff

So many people I talk to worry about the final 5% rather than putting precedence in the first 95%. Building a solid training foundation should be your first priority. New fancy running styles, the latest headband or those fancy new shoes that are 1.2 grams lighter than last seasons won’t mean shit if your Friday night staple is eight Stellas and a kebab.
Keeps these things in mind and you will be on your way to a more successful training cycle.

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