11 weeks to Snowdonia !

Its new years eve 2016,the fireworks are going off outside,the drinks are flowing and the mood is good. I however am hunched over my PC bashing F5 like a man possessed.

It’s that time of year again- entries to the 2017 Snowdonia Eryri marathon are OPEN!

Billed as one of the UK’s hardest road races as well as the most scenic i usually miss it as it sells out in thirty minutes and like most other self respecting human beings i’m usually blind drunk and talking to the remote control by midnight New years Eve!

Not this year though,this year im ready! Why they open the entry at midnight i will never know,the RD must be a cruel man (or a loony).


Fast forward to now……. 11 weeks to go, am I in shape for another marathon this year? at the moment far from it BUT a lot can change in 11 weeks,thats 44 training sessions and its not like the course is THAT hilly……………..


Current weight   72kg

weekly mileage    11



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