Peak skyline race report

So Sunday was the Peak skyline ultra marathon (Previously part of the skyrace series).

The event is advertised as 29 miles and with over 6000ft of climb.

If I’m honest I had never heard of the event and bar a club mate competing in 2016 and singing its praises I may of missed this gem!
The race starts and finishes in Buxton and takes a circular route taking in axe edge moor,the roaches, shutlingsloe, the cat and fiddle (the second highest pub in England ) and more places of beauty than should be allowed in one event!

A novel approach regarding pricing was an entry to the event and an option for add ons,(t shirt and medals). Now I think ALL race directors should take note this is an excellent idea! I did buy a t shirt but have never really got the medal thing.

The HQ was massive and really laid back feeling,plenty of loos and showers , no real wait at registration and I could just sense these guys knew their stuff!

After faffing with kit and meeting team mates for the obligatory photo we set off at 8 am….straight up the first hill to Salomons temple (no not killians jornets house). 

The race itself has very little road and is a trail running paradise ,I stopped several times just to admire the view! Course marking was absolutely spot on,just enough to keep you on the right track without you feeling you was having your hand held. 

The terrain was boggy in places but mud = fun ! Nothing really too technical underfoot although the climb up shutlingsloe after twenty miles was just cruel 😉.
I went into this event a little more confident than I should of been after not running anything long since three marathons within eight weeks in spring but thought a sub 5 hour finish should be achievable,how wrong was I! 

The climbs took a little too much out of me on the day and I came in just over 6 hours . Next year I’ll grab that sub 5 though with some bloody  hard training.

Checkpoints were spot on ,I only refilled water as I tend to just race on gels but there seemed to be a lovely buffet for those who wanted. The marshals were all super friendly and I thank you all for giving up your time.
I really enjoyed the event as did my team mates one of which grabbed third lady!

See you next year !

For the kit geeks 

Footwear : inov8 race ultra 290 – perfect for the course.

Shorts : ronhill trail shorts – old faves.

Top : club vest 

Pack : Ultimate direction Peter bakwin vest 3.0 – excellent,  (review to follow ).

Nutrition : Sis gels and hydro tabs.

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