Sometimes a challenge is what the doctor ordered. 

Not a real Doc mind you more like a mad one like Dr Nick Riviera. 

Sometimes us runners lose our sense of direction our ‘mojo’ and if like me your default setting is settee dweller, a challenge to aim your focus is often the solution. 

Last year my challenge was a spring marathon (Manchester). I focused 18 weeks of training on that one race, I obsessed about it and on the day took 23 minutes off my PB and ran a 2.59.27. 

Next year’s challenge is a little bit longer….. Twice as long to be exact, I’ve entered the Chester ultra 52 mile. 

A couple of club mates ran the Liverpool to Manchester ultra this spring hosted by the same race company and they spoke really highly of the organisation. So I thought why not, sounds like fun and a great way to waste a Saturday (plus my wife and I have booked a swanky hotel for afterwards!) 

Now I know what you are thinking sod that! 52 feckin miles!

Challenges don’t have to be ultra related, it could be a new mile pb, running for ten minutes everyday or simply just to run up that hill you always avoid (you know the one, the one that has the goats halfway up and a Base camp!). 

Whatever you choose, stick to it and attack it like I attack my nans award winning sherry trifle!! 



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