Not every run is a good one 

And that’s OK 

If you’ve never had a particularly shitty run you have either A sold your soul to the man Downstairs or B not been running long enough. 

They will come and the way you deal with them is what truly counts. 

Today I took part in an eight Mile fell race with 2k ft  ascent,by far not my longest event or my highest climb, but it was the worst race in an age. 

I spent most of the ups walking, the flats limping along like a wounded chihuahua and the downs, you guessed it… Walking. 

I had absolutely nothing in the tank, my legs just forgot what we were doing on this beautiful piece of Lancashire countryside. 

I think mostly it was my mind that gave up first, I didn’t particularly want to race today but as it was a club league event I didn’t want to let my mates down. On arrival a few mentioned I looked tired (bunch of charmers!) and I think maybe I was a little so I used that as an excuse to perform sub standard. 

Sometimes you can be the fittest athlete in the world (of which I am far from) but if the head isn’t also trained you are already half beaten. 

I won’t dwell on today, and probably won’t think about it again after I’ve finished this blog, I will learn from it though, and the two things I have learnt today are. 

1  You can’t skimp on weekly mileage and assume you can run as well as usual. 

2 Bogs and cow dung are not a winning fragrance combination!

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