Double race weekends and glorious beer 

So last weekend I put in a double shift in preparation for the peak skyline ultra race in August. 

The peak skyline covers 29 miles and a little over 5000ft of climbing, while I’m not strictly an ultra runner I do however like to run one long event a year as an adventure. 
As part of the training I needed two big climb events and the stars aligned this weekend with the pendle half marathon and the kentmere horseshoe. 

Starting with pendle on Saturday this was a two lapper along the country lanes surrounding pendle Hill.

The race start was a fairly low key affair with a 3,2,1 go to signal the start.  

Little did I know (my fault not the organisers) there was also a 10k race starting at the same time! Now I wanted to run this as a hard training running but I was aware I had kentmere a day later. After a mile or so the pack I had settled in seemed to be moving a little to quick but in the back of mind I knew I was in top ten shape so stuck it out, until the start of the second lap and they all bloody turned in to  the finish of the 10k! 

I found myself a little lost then with no one in site either in front or behind, after a few minutes I had caught up with another runner and had two closing in fast, I eventually lost two positions but managed to hold on to 9th place overall! 

Final half mile, photo taken by my ever suffering wife. 

We hung on for the presentation as my teammate and coached athlete came in first (a full five minutes in front of 2nd!) 

I would highly recommend this tough half marathon but with 2000ft of elevation it may not be for the faint hearted! 
Day Two 

Sunday was a trip up to the lake district with a couple of friends from club for the kentmere horseshoe fell race. 

This race is one of the lakeland classics and as such over 300 people lined up in a farmers field ready for the off. 

From the get go this race goes up and up and up some more, with it being a lovely day and having to carry full kit in my ultimate direction Peter backwin race vest I soon started to overheat. The legs protested from the get go but the views certainly made up! Absolutely breathtaking. The race was just under 12 miles and with 3000ft of climb unfortunately a lot of it was runnable. 

I had pre decided to run with my club mate and I’m glad I did as we had a good old chat (despite him dropping me on every descent! ) 

After the event the three of us popped for a pint at the fantastic Hawkshead brewery, if you have never been before make it a point of call, the variety is ridiculous! 

So 25 miles and 5000ft of climb made for an altogether productive weekend. 

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