Why do I coach? 

In my spare time I coach athletes at my local athletics club. I joined the club back in 2015 as a novice runner (I had just ran Manchester marathon for charity). 

The club has been really good to me and so I decided to give back and join the team. They very kindly sent and paid for my qualifications (I have certificates and everything!) 

I coach all abilities from couch to 5k up to top level make marathon a d female ultra distance champions. 

Tonight though at our usual club session, one of  the athletes who has been  with the beginners for a long time thanked me for giving her the confidence to join in the speed sessions available as she had just ran her fastest parkrun in ages!

She didn’t win and she wasn’t bothered and to be honest neither was I, the best thing was she really enjoyed the run and could see her hard work paying off. 

For me that’s what it’s all about, a good coach isn’t just plans and splits but sometimes it’s just a smile and a little belief. 
That’s why I coach. 

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